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By Merle Bertrand | January 10, 2001

Where the hell is Williston, Vermont? That’s where WPTZ-TV broadcasts from and where movie critic Rick Kisonak apparently calls home. At the risk of resembling the oil companies’ self-regulating in the upcoming Bush Administration, it’s up to this critic to review a tape of a fellow critic’s movie reviews. Then again, this guy could be a rival, trying to swipe this prestigious post. So what’s the verdict? Well, Kisonak should definitely be frying bigger fish than Williston, Vermont.
He hosts his one to two minute review segments seated at what appears to be an editing bay inside the newsroom. Limited, as one might expect in Williston, VT, to mainstream films, he fires off his reviews, accompanied by nicely representative clips from the films, in a brash, slightly cocky, and occasionally ironic tone vaguely reminiscent of a certain renowned editor’s own TV style.
Yeah, Kisonak is one of those typical middle-aged white guys our boss constantly rails about, (usually with good reason). Sadly, that’s what many of us will be some day sooner than we’d like to admit. Here’s hoping that we’re still as feisty and entertaining then as we — and Rick Kisonak — are now.

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