Richard W. Haines is a pioneer in the film industry with an applied knowledge of fine detail and various processes which make some of the best looking films I’ve seen. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, audiences have seen Haines direct his way through a vast handful of different genres, and in some cases, if there were a lack of film credits, you wouldn’t even know it was the same guy. That is the way he likes it as Haines is a self-described genre filmmaker who tackles a different style for each new project, using his technical knowledge to expand his practical skills on set and in post-production. His employment of young aspiring talent is an extremely helpful hand to a large society of filmmakers and actors with fewer jobs than there are people. Any young filmmaker in need of a mentor or guiding hand would be best to get experience on a Richard Haines set. Haines is such a perfectionist that his style will break any bad habits that younger filmmakers have and teach them the formal way nice and early.

With Haines’ beginnings as an editor, it was always in the cards that he was going to make a film himself, only that dream came earlier than anyone would have thought in the profitable slasher debut “Splatter University”. Just when Haines began to establish himself as a horror filmmaker, he swiftly moved to comical satire in “Alien Space Avenger”, and if you think you have him figured out, well you’re wrong, as he made several more switches from science-fiction to straight action to film noir and now to political heist thriller.

If you are a fan of low-budget, independent cinema then the name Richard W. Haines will mean something special to you. Haines is a true inspiration to all.

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