By Admin | November 26, 2003

Film Threat scribe Phil Hall reviewed this film back in 2001, while the copy I reviewed had a copyright date of 2003. If there is any difference between the two versions, I am not privy to it, so I’ll assume they are one in the same. That said, Hall liked this film a hell of a lot more than did I.
In an effort to make full disclosure I must note that I absolutely loathe Shakespeare, and this version of “Richard the Second,” while set in a more modern time, looks like a poor public access production of the play … only without the sleazy charm public access shows offer. We all know the story of Richard (Matte Osian) and the “saga” that is his life, and that is what makes this such a strange film choice. Why didn’t John Farrell (the film’s director and adapter of the play) do something original? Aren’t there any screenplays out there that haven’t been seen? Couldn’t he write his own?
Fans of the bard may find this to be an interesting curiosity, but it won’t change the minds of any of his critics. And as for this crew and cast — try something more original next time. At least then the failures will be your own.

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