By Admin | June 23, 2000

Imagine waking up after a long night of partying and drinking and finding out that you married a woman you barely knew. Sounds like an interesting pickle that you’ve gotten yourself into, right? Well, not exactly. The guy who’s been hitched doesn’t seem to really care either way, and decides he’ll give it a chance. Turns out the joke’s on him. It’s all been a set up by his friend and the mysterious girl. What, when, why and how? No reason is given.
“Revelations” is the kind of self-conscious filmmaking that give true art house cinema a bad name. The word “arty” was created for this kind of film. Basically, it takes us through gamut of what someone might expect an experimental film to look like, without adding anything new to the medium. We get close ups which are held too long for no particular reason other than to let us know that it’s an art-film. The characters don’t have any depth or caring to them. I’m not talking about the Albert Camus sense of not caring and alienation — they just don’t seem to care about the space that they’re occupying.
“Revelations” basically turns into a one-line joke, except I didn’t laugh much. So why, one might ask, did I give this film two stars instead of one? Well, there’s an interesting opening and closing that has almost nothing to do with subject. You can see the film on the Sundance Channel.

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