Alert Master Control! TRON is back! Considered by some to be the birth of CGI in movies, the cult of “TRON” fans will have reason to celebrate on March 11, as The Santa Barbara International Film Festival’s daylong “Digital Day” will feature a panel discussion with original members of the “TRON” production team. Jeff Bridges will lead the panel, which will include effects artists Art Durinski and John Grower (now president of Santa Barbara Studios) are among the panelists assembled for this reunion.

TRON not only showed the potential of CGI effects, but was pivotal in the founding of Wavefront Technologies. The panel will also look at how far the field of computer graphics has come in the short period of 18 years. Maybe they’ll also tell the crowd where we can get our hands on some of those light cycles!

Digital Day will also celebrate outstanding student filmmakers before the panel discussion.

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