By Tom Meek | March 10, 2000

One heart, two loves; or so that’s the pulse to this romantic comedy. X-Filer, David Duchovnystars as a Ch icago construction mogul, married to the ideal wife (Joely Richardson). She’s a zookeeper working with hubby to build a new habitat for her simian subjects. Tragedy takes her life and her heart is transplanted into a needy recipient (Minnie Driver). A twist of fate — a gaudy blind date at an Irish-Italian restaurant – throws Duchovny and Driver — a waitress at the restaurant — together. Romance ensues and as well as miscommunication and the masking of Driver’s pulmonary past. Everything about the film is maudlin and heavy handed, but despite that and some inappropriate pacing, it hits all the right marks. The leads are likeable enough and don’t get upstaged by their mammalian costars; it’s the quartet of old codgers (lead by Carrol O’Connor and Robert Loggia) who steal the show with their brassy, uproarious antics.

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