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By Chris Gore | February 17, 2001

I can’t take credit for this review. Hell, I didn’t even see the movie! The pass for Disney’s “Recess: School’s Out” only gave the option to see the movie on a Sunday afternoon at 2 PM or a Monday night at 7:30 PM. Neither night really seemed to work out for me, what with the second weekend of XFL action on TNN and, uh, the garage to organize on Monday night. So, with the flip of a coin, my wife got stuck taking the kids to see this cartoon feature. I figure if I can’t go, what with being busy and all, the least I can do is to send some experts. You know, single digit-aged kids. (Yeah, I’m just as shocked as you to learn that I’m a dad.) I mean, this movie isn’t even made for me, so who cares what I have to say about it? “Recess” isn’t even one of those event Disney animated films — it’s just one of those ones they crap out that’s based on a Saturday morning cartoon. Besides, I got to see the Birmingham Bolts handily defeat the New Jersey Hitmen. (The Bolts are from Birmingham where? What state?)
Anyway, here’s what my daughter Haley had to say about the movie. Just so you know, she loves every Disney cartoon that comes out but her all-time favorite movie is “Tremors” with Kevin Bacon. Here’s little Haley Gore’s take on the movie:
What is the story of “Recess: School’s Out”? ^ It’s about recess being taken over and a man who tries to make all the kids stay in and study so that they get better test scores.
Who are your favorite characters and why? ^ T.J. because he’s the brains and he’s the one who actually saves everybody.
Saves them from what? ^ From having their vacation taken away and staying inside forever.
I don’t get it. Why did you like the movie? ^ Because it has my favorite characters and it’s kind of like a mystery.
Could you relate to the film since you have recess at school too? ^ That’s a big question. I sometimes at school have mysteries of my own.
Oh really. Like what? ^ Like finding lunch money.
But no evildoers trying to take away recess? ^ At school? Uh, no evildoers.
What was the best part of the movie? ^ When T.J. made a funny speech and tricked everybody into pretending he was the principal. He said, ” I have a big fat saggy butt that I like to scratch every hour on the hour.”
Did all the kids laugh when they heard the word “butt”? ^ Yeah.
If you had to rate this film from one to five stars, with one star being an onion popsicle and five stars being a double cheese pizza, how would you rate the movie? ^ I would say four stars.

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