By Admin | November 19, 2002

This quick peek into the life of a “Real Doll Doctor” leaves a whole lot to be desired. I gave it an extra half star just because I feel that this is perhaps a work-in-progress and the potential for it to be something really interesting is great.
There are three major scenes in this short doc. First, we start out in a cold and quiet factory in Southern California where manufactured Real Dolls hang about like frozen medical cadavers. After a brief and narratorless tour of the factory, we then head over to a tattoo shop in Northern California where a tattoo artist is having a dilemma while inking someone’s arm. It seems he’s out of catheters and he’s having a problem getting someone to procure the proper kind he needs. You see, he was in an air diving accident, which damaged part of his vertebrae, leaving his wiener useless, therefore he can’t pee without a catheter. I don’t know about you, but I certainly wouldn’t want to have my ink done by someone who was having a bathroom emergency.
Next, we see the tattoo artist at home and this is when we realize that he is the Real Doll Doctor. We watch him as he gives a boob job to a Real Doll, repairs her crotch, which looks like a bear had gotten to it and fixes her crooked fingers. He then takes some digital pictures and preps her for sale on Ebay.
And that about does it. There’s no explanation as to who this guy is, what his deal is…blah, blah, blah. There’s no narration whatsoever and the Real Doll Doctor gives just a brief explanation of what he’s doing while he’s doing it. We can only hope that if this is turned into a longer piece, that there’s more documenting to the documentary, instead of just a simple fly on the wall peep show.

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