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By Film Threat Staff | September 21, 2004

As part of the HDFEST 2004 World Tour, HDFEST’s London event will be taking part in collaboration with the Raindance Film Festival being held October 1st to 10th in London. This year HDFEST’s touring HD Festival has been presenting High-Definition screenings and panels in six cities including Sydney, Los Angeles, South Florida, London, New York and Finland. This will be the first time during Raindance in which high-definition content is presented at HD resolution. HDFEST screenings will be taking place October 4th and panel discussions will be held October 5th at London’s UGC Shaftesbury Theatre.

About the upcoming collaboration with HDFEST, Raindance stated, “we are pleased to welcome HDFEST, a traveling festival specializing in the new HD phenomenon.” During Raindance, HDFEST will present a series of HD shorts, as well as the High-Definition feature “Particles of Truth.”
All projects HDFEST will be screening at Raindance will be presented in High-Definition resolution and will also be European Premieres. “Particles of Truth,” which opened theatrically in New York last month, is directed and written by Jennifer Elster. The feature film stars Elster and Gale Harold, the lead actor from the television show “Queer as Folk.” Described as a film “about life, love, and the fear of failing,” “Particles of Truth” centers around an intense relationship between a woman who is a self-doubting visual artist and a man who is a obsessive compulsive germophobe. Short films to be presented during HDFEST’s festival screenings include highlights from the HDFEST 2004 World Tour including Alex Woo’s Student Academy Award winning animation “Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher,” the South Korean short “Vivre” directed by Brian Park, the stylized suspense film “Descent,” “Freebox,” a drama directed by Shandor Garrison about a teenager from the Bronx who is HIV Positive, and “Killing Kevin” a short comedy about a violent support group.

For more info, visit the Raindance website.

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