So, I never closed out the “Cloverfield” Investigation properly and for many reasons. Mainly it was because I may continue the viral explosion if there happens to be a sequel, but mostly because I could never figure out how to go out on a high note.

In lieu of the April 22nd DVD release, I thought it would be only proper to close out the investigation and send my regards and thanks to people, and explain that, yes, I loved “Cloverfield,” and I’ve seen it three times. Clovey is a creepy monster, and there will be many more surprises to be had, if you’ve kept up with Reeves and Abrams’ explanations of what Clovey is and why it stomped onto New York one night in January.

The viral marketing had almost nothing to do with the movie beyond the hammer, the horse, Slusho, and stomach bursting, but hey, I had fun; I can never get enough of Viral Marketing.

Now here comes the sap.

The following people have to be thanked for contributing to the success of this blog frenzy that resulted in one particular blog entry garnering a little over two hundred responses; if I miss anyone, apologies:

Mike Watt, Movie Marketing Madness
Don Lewis
Phil Hall
Jeremy Knox
Michael Ferraro
Cloverfield News
Cloverfield Clues
Rory L. Aronsky

And especially: Mark Bell, who allowed me to write about the first teaser trailer, sat for two hours tailoring the the article as Film Threat’s very own stunt, and pretty much co-writing the piece with me. As well, he allowed me to run rampant on the blogs, posting theories and articles leading up to the movie, and I’m in his debt.

On that, I go out on this note:

For further proof that “Cloverfield” was truly an experience worth having, it’s been revealed that there were three subliminal stills inserted into the DVD Release of the movie that occur during the course of the film. There are stills of King Kong, Them, and the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. In this climactic scene (possible spoilers), a particular king of the apes can be seen:


It was fun kids. See you again…?

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  1. Andrew Gutierrez says:

    i agree although if anyone has gone by 01-18-08.com they will notice a new photo up….

  2. Dave Lawler says:

    Great movie! Does exactly what a horror movie should do. It draws you in and doesn’t let up. Very exciting filmmaking! I was dismayed to learn that wonderful handycam Hud was using was actually the freaking CineAlta. I kept telling my wife all throughout the screening that I wanted that camera!

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