I’ve had movies lift me up and I’ve had movie bring me down, but I’ve never had a movie make me feel like a lazy bump on a log. I just watched a bunch of people, many of them more than double my age, engage in athletic activities more strenuous than I’ve ever attempted. I may feel really lazy right now, but nevertheless, watching these athletes get out there and do their thing is nothing less than incredible.

“Racing Against the Clock” focuses on five female athletes, all between the ages of 50 and 82 as they flex their track and field muscle in preparation for the World Masters Athletics Championships. Despite the various backgrounds these five women come from and the current situations they currently live in – some are mothers, grandmothers, another is a cancer survivor – they all have that drive, that determination that makes a great athlete. Filmmaker Bill Haney shows us the power of these women through interviews as well as footage of their track and field competitions. It’s an incredible, inspiring spectacle as we see, not only these five subjects, but varied others that refuse to just lie down and grow old.

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