By Scott Knopf | March 18, 2012

Nikki Holiday (Eggold) is a transgendered showman who desperately wants to adopt a child. But with her partner leaving her and her lifestyle’s history of making others uncomfortable, the deck is stacked against her. But when she meets Jesse (Campo), a handsome, young doorman, she hopes that he’ll be able to help. Unfortunately, despite their efforts, her situation doesn’t improve.

Eggold’s (TV’s 90210) performance as Nikki is pitch-perfect. The look, the mannerisms, the voice… He draws in the viewer every time he’s on-screen. And Campo (The Final Destination) holds up his half of the film with ease. His work as the “I have a girlfriend back in Michigan but I’m here dancing with you in your living room” bouncer works perfectly in the film. And just a side note, if you look closely, you’ll see Evan Peters (American Horror Story) in a little cameo as a bigoted youth. The acting is great but the film also succeeds technically.

Adam Rose directs this terrific short with a high level of skill. Queen is gorgeous. The lighting and colors are expertly implemented. The score and sound-mixing are top-notch. The set and costume design are stellar. From a technical standpoint, you couldn’t ask for more. Queen looks and sounds like a million bucks.

From a writing standpoint, Queen is equally noteworthy. It says what it wants to say and little more. Its three acts are clear and concise and the dialogue is believable. Rose teamed up with Nick Smoke to write the script and both should be proud of their work because Queen is a tremendous short.

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