By Eric Campos | July 25, 2003

In “Quadrum,” witness a young woman suffer through a living nightmare as she winds up stuck in the desert with one of the whiniest men in movie history. I felt for her deeply, I did, but then I also think she could’ve helped herself and the audience by hitting this guy over the head with a shovel and burying his a*s.
Intent on getting a box, which carries the film’s surprise ending in it, to Las Vegas, Wes convinces his girlfriend to take a road trip with him in her car. Heading out of Los Angeles, the two bicker at each other, mostly about Wes and his insomnia that seems to be driving him insane. They soon find themselves lost and not long after that, the car breaks down. So they’re stuck in the middle of nowhere, with little else to do but get on each other’s nerves even more. This isn’t very difficult to pull off as even the most basic statement coming from Wes’ mouth grates the nerves because he whines every little thing he says. Anyways, a biker offers to help them out, which leads to a late night campfire discussion, which finds three people getting on each other’s nerves now instead of just two. Violence breaks out and Wes and his girlfriend are on the road again. Wes flips out and the surprise ending reveals itself. That’s it.
The ending is kinda cool, but it does nothing to make up for the fact that you’ve just spent an hour and a half watching people squabble about fate and morality and a bunch of other bullshit that is designed to get on your nerves, mostly because of Wes’ whiney delivery. Besides, nothing really profound is being said anyways. For the most part this film is just a waste of time.

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