By admin | January 11, 2003

This film has a disclaimer about it being an “avid rough cut,” so I will give it some slack. Basically, “QIK2JDG” is five minutes of a businessman sitting in a filthy restroom reading the scrawl on the wall and imagining who put it there. He then adds his own piece, which gives some clue as to why he rushed into the restroom and threw up in its toilet in the first place.
It seems unfair to critique a rough cut of a five minute short, but Film Threat received this with the hopes it would be reviewed, so … nothing in it is gripping enough to warrant another cut or even more time added to its length. Could more be done? Of course, but the film would have to lose its artistic style and go the route of the straight drama for this to be worth watching as a completed entity. Director Nick Spano does do some interesting things in this slight amount of time, though, but not enough to make us want to see more. As it stands now, this is about as good as it’s going to get.

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