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By Rory L. Aronsky | June 12, 2004

What’s even more amazing than the extremes a young aspiring supermodel (Chelsea Ricketts) goes to in order to kill a frog is that her boozing mother actually notices when she’s about to attempt yet another act of harm toward the creature that gave her a wart on her hand. Even with a martini in hand, she’s got a close eye on the developments in the front yard and in the kitchen.

As for the girl, she’s always resourceful in her acts of war which include dousing the frog with kerosene and then lighting a match, and soon bringing it to the blender where thankfully, a bit of tact is displayed, as the blender is not transparent. And the frog is a little more cunning than the blood-thirsty girl believes, which only angers her more. Sometimes it’s better just to move on and forget the frog, but this girl just doesn’t learn.

Director Kerry Beyer exhibits a strong, sly sense of humor in this work, which even spills over into the credits where such jokes as Tyler Durden being credited as “Fight Coordinator” await. “Puree” is like stopping by the office snack machine for a chocolate bar. It’s highly satisfying and you get away from work for a few minutes.

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