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By Merle Bertrand | October 21, 2003

About the only good thing to say about “Psycho Too” is that at least director A. G. Levy had the good sense to try to parody Hitchcock’s famous shower sequence from Psycho rather attempt to remake the whole damned movie. (I’m still baffled by that, by the way. What was Gus Van Sant thinking?! You don’t see painters out there trying to “remake” the “Mona Lisa,” do you?)
Come to think of it, that’s not just the only good thing to say about this puzzling short, it’s about the ONLY thing to say. “Psycho Too” begins with a (literal) Dear John letter in which the woman author informs her husband John that she’s leaving him…for another woman. She then proceeds to don a Ronald Reagan mask, stalk her lover, and fake stab her in the shower to their mutual moans of sexual pleasure.
Now, this thing came with a fancy-schmancy press kit that cost more than the last movie I produced and the video box had a paragraph-long backstory about these and other characters…none of which the viewer ever sees. The only scene depicted on-screen, and clumsily at that, is the one described above. So maybe, just maybe, “Psycho Too” is intended as a teaser for a longer film.
But let’s hope not. Because while I appreciate male-driven, lesbian sex-fantasy flicks as much as the next guy and while I’ll give any film that uses Newt Gingrich’s face as a dart board a half-star bonus, this short was a confusing, ill-told bore after only six minutes. A feature-length parody would only be worse.

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