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By Film Threat Staff | March 28, 2001

We get some really insane letters sometimes and we just have to share this one with you…
I want 44million 857 thousand.112 dollars U.S. just send it over to the house… and I’ll make a couple of feature films. ^ (note: This article is meant to SHOCK! for all you dummies out there who are politically correct and don’t get it? ) ^ Why? CAUSE THAT IS THE WAY it is,…Now- why would I ask for so much, 44 million dollars? WELL the crews, and the computer effects, and stars that I want in my films are expensive. Why? cause, the music rights are that expensive, why? Cause the marketing, the news ads, and press junkets are expensive, why? cause the people want more money for their hard work, Why? cause they want to make a living at filmmaking, why? cause they want to live their lives on the edge- more exciting more glamorous, more like the rich and famous. Why? so they can have a two speedboat garage on Grand lake next to their log cabin. Why, cause they have to pay taxes, send their kids to college. Why, so they can get away from people and live their lives simpler that way. Far from the din of the crowd. ^ Why? so they can make their films their way. ^ Why? cause that is the way it is. ^ Seriously, here I am- having worked on more than 20 feature films countless music videos, industrials, commercials, short films and videos, etc etc. and playing the lowdown underground Austin filmer, for many a year. I need to cut the edge again, I need 44 mil to make a couple films. Some people would say your nuts kirk, well yea, tell me something I don’t know. “Dude Where’s MY SCRIPT!” ^ Hollywood makes bad films, Why can’t I? I’m just doing a little outreach here. So if there is anyone out there who has 44 million who wants to make couple crazy films let me know? And for all you others – don’t let the “Dream Crushers”™ get to you! My best advice is, Don’t let anyone tell you can’t work in the film business, and only work on dramatic and comedy, or any genre’ for that matter. Or don’t let them tell you, YOU have to get a job at the local TV stations to work in “ThE IndusTry” as a cameraman?, That is B>S>. plain and simple. Don’t let them tell you have to work go to LAla land to work in the biz. Had I done that I would of never worked on “Blood Simple”, Heartbreak Hotel, or “Blank Check’ or for that matter, the low budgets, like, High Road” “Mohammeds’’ Radio”, Shady Grove” “Redboy 13”, and “JetBlast” Over the years I would have never met some of the most interesting people. Never would of met David Byrne, Jonathan Demme, Joe Ely, Tony Randall Cindy Williams, John Denver, Clive Barker, Mike Judge, etetc- On the other hand, these people are just plain old folks, trying to win the lotto with their art. And don’t let them tell you that you have to work on their movie unless- they are the films that YOU! want to work on. That is what I did, and continue to do today. But you do have to “PAY YOUR DUES” and work toward that goal, if that is what you want to do?? Lots of wanna bees over year have quit before they even get started. The key to the game is persistence. I have had lots of discouragements over the years. I would not of survived if I said to myself that I was going to quit? because it is what I like to do. It’s a great hobby. ^ Just because I did not get to be a P.A. on “Best little whorehouse in Texas” when I was just starting out, in the eighties, doesn’t mean that I would have gotten work on other stuff there is always something new around the corner. There is always something more challenging. This is the main reason I love it so.I don’t work with a computer or behind a food counter or wash dishes, although I have acted like these characters or have to tried out to play these characters. Last year I went on 50 auditions but never got anything, and YES I do feel like quitting lots of times. Now I admit, it is who you know sometimes, and yes when you do know someone then you better know something, that is why I continue to pay my dues, even in this little ole town of Austin. That is why I will work on somethings for free and others I want money for. ^ And yes the competition has gotten tighter, but that doesn’t mean that I am going to QUIT!!. “You never retire from the entertainment business, not even when they put you in a box 6 feet under.” and I am very happy with each film I have worked on. Now I have compromised but I look back on all these projects with joy. Even though there is a truth about the frustrations about getting your film started, no matter what big or small. That is why I’m asking for 44 million bux to make a couple of films. I have a couple of scripts I want to make into films. What is so wrong with that? What is the difference between that and asking the studios direct. Many will say, You don’t know the right people many will say your scripts have to be well formatted and win screenwriter contests. Well, I am, with this article, trying to cut through that b.s. I’m going right to the source. If you have a 44 million dollars out there and want to make a film, and don’t know how, well I do and that it the current price tag for movies in the U.S. You see I don’t want to make a small DV feature, (even though I will continue to do so to hone that skill) I don’t want to enter my small video project to film and video contests and granting organizations, even though I still do. ^ NO, I want to make a very large budget motion picture feature film. With stars and action, and explosions etc etc, cause I want the films to get overseas distribution. And etc and etc. and the other reason I am asking for the money. Is because I have heard that if you ask then you may receive? I don’t know where I heard that. The truth is I am only doing this article to get you to come to my booth at the SXSW 2001 and buy my movie, “Barn Of the Blood Llama” so come to booth U22, and get your “LLAMA” so that I can go out make another film. Why cause isn’t that the POINT! Why? cause that is the way it is,.. ^ So now that you have given it a read, you NOW should understand the contradiction of the film biz. thanks for watching and see you in the MOVIES! ^ Kirk-o , hopes to be working on “BBGUN” and the feature by David Boone, “Midnight Taco” very soon. And no–! the budgets to these no budget- dv features are not 44 million.

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