By Admin | November 20, 2002

Welp, looks like Steve Guttenberg is trying to jumpstart his film career. No…really..we’re serious here. Check this out –
Dear Colleague:
TLA Releasing cordially invites you and a guest to an advanced screening of P.S. YOUR CAT IS DEAD!, the long-awaited film adaptation of the acclaimed novel and play by James Kirkwood (A Chorus Line).
Just imagine how pissed off all of those long-awaiting people are gonna be when they find out Steve Guttenberg’s taken control of this gem.
Failed actor-writer Jimmy Zoole (Steve Guttenberg) is having a very bad New Year¹s Eve. His one-man show closed after a single performance, his apartment has been robbed twice in the last three months, his best friend died a few months ago, and his beloved cat is at the vet¹s. To make matters worse, his longtime girlfriend Kate (Cynthia Watros) has chosen this moment to break up with him ­ via a note. It is only his untimely return home while she is packing her things that their breakup turns into an ugly face-to-face encounter.
Sounds like Steve isn’t straying too far from reality here. Maybe he can actually pull this whole thing off.
Their separate arrivals trap Eddie, (Lombardo Boyer) the aforementioned burglar, under the bed. After Kate leaves, Eddie is discovered. After a fight that borders on slapstick, Jimmy captures him, knocks him out and hog-ties him to the kitchen sink while figuring out an appropriate punishment.
Being in this movie is probably punishment enough. Just let the poor guy go.
Upon awakening, Eddie provides a convenient pincushion for all of Jimmy¹s frustrations. The two eventually bond through confessions of despair, followed by harrowing encounters with Kate (who arrives with her new lover) and Jimmy¹s kink-oriented pal “Crazy” Carmine (A.J. Benza).
A.J. Benza? The “Mysteries and Scandals” guy? The mystery here is how this fuckin’ movie got made.
This New Year’s will be like no other, as Jimmy holds Eddie the burglar hostage for an emotionally charged, soul-searching, and often-hilarious night.
Yeah, it sounds like a real knee-slapper. Hey, if any of you happen to see this film (directed by Guttenberg as well), go ahead and let us know how it is, cuz right now I’m looking around the FT office and everyone is hiding underneath their desks.

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