By Charles Martin | July 6, 2000

If only all public service announcements were like this one! The problem with most PSAs is that we either already know their “important” message (use condoms, yeah okay, mom, whatever) or we are just not captivated enough to care much (compared to the 10,000 other equally important matters, from saving the rainforest to getting dinner ready) that compete for our ever-more-overloaded brain space.
This one, about the plight of elephants around the world, will stay with you, though. Stunningly beautiful photography, surreal imagery, soul-lifting music (by Robert Wilson and Phillip Glass) and glasscutter-sharp editing burn the message into your mind like your first exposure to a Dali painting. This one grabs your emotions and really does make you think, however briefly, about the topic at hand. Of course, this will never see the light of television transmission because it really can’t be “boiled down” to one minute or 30 seconds. It’s a shame broadcasters can’t see that airing this sort of longer message late at night would do both them and the world at large a lot more good than yet another pointless block of the exact same commercials we all saw 100 times during the day.

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