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By Eric Campos | June 18, 2002

Spoofing Matt Damon’s and Ben Affleck’s “Project Greenlight”, this mockumentary finds cable channel Cinemax offering one lucky filmmaker a whopping budget of $1,000 to bring their erotic vision to life by making a made for cable movie to be aired on the channel in the wee hours of the morning. This contest is called “Project Redlight” and is executive-produced by Corey Feldman and Corey Haim.
The film of choice is Pete Lake’s “Stolen Hummer”, a film about a seven year-old Irish Catholic boy and an eight year old Jewish boy getting caught up in an erotic web of deceit. It’s a period piece, a film set in 1999, but the producers start griping because they think it would be cheaper to make a film in the present and this just throws the filmmaker into a fit.
That’s just a taste of the ridiculousness you can expect from this short. Funny stuff. The comedy ensues as one of the producers runs off with the $1,000 budget to pay for a limo to take him to his senior prom.
Bob Beresh as the babe-in-the-woods filmmaker keeps a hilarious panicked look in his eyes that shows his utter lack of control over this entire film. Corey Feldman also stars as himself, delivering an appropriate hammy performance. However, the other Corey, Haim, doesn’t make an appearance.
Nice, short and funny. This is what mockumentaries are all about.

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