Genghis Con and Pretty-Scary are teaming up to honor outstanding women in the indie horror industry.
They are looking for submissions of movies where a woman has played a prominent role in the creation of the production (e.g., Producer, Director, Writer, and/or Cinematographer). This fest is about women behind the scenes!

The movies will be judged by the heads of Pretty-Scary, Amy Lynn Best, Heidi Martinuzzi and Jennifer Whilden, and the winning film(s) will be shown at Genghis Con, November 18-20 in Pittsburgh, PA. The winner(s) will receive passes to the convention and a certificate presented at a ceremony that weekend.

There is no entrance fee for this competition. Deadline is September 30, 2005.

Send submissions to:

Genghis Con/Pretty-Scary Film Festival ^ PO Box 502 ^ Waynesburg, PA 15370

For more info, visit the Genghis Con website.

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  1. Zoomtiger says:

    I aspiring 17 year old actress that would love to follow in the footsteps of Amy Lynn Best. I am also a fan who would enjoy receiving an autographed photo.
    I thougt the photo of you in the chair with the machine gun was cool, but whatever you have will be fine or anything with blood.
    I have seen some of your movies. You have a way of making a good movie a very good movie just by being in it.
    Thank You,

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