By Admin | February 15, 1999

The kinky world of bondage and discipline gets an affectionate wrapping in soft red and blue hues by writer/director Stuart Urban — obviously influenced by Ken Russell. “Go Fish” star, Guinevere Turner, supplies the whip-cracking firepower, as Tanya Cheex, a New York City dominatrix who brings her House of Thwax, leather and fetish freak show to London’s underground. Tanya’s mere existence unsettles the bureaucratic right wing powers-that-be, so they send their own buff stud (a naive Christian Anholt) undercover, to get the dirt on the dominatrix that will close down her carnival. After a nipple piercing, a few good swats on the bare bollocks, and a pleasure training session, the two from-different-worlds fall for each other as the potentially biting farce evaporates into a blowsy romantic comedy. The choreography of the S&M scene, is devilishly titillation, even though it’s a big tease, and it’s a far more fun and deftly erotic adventure, than seeing too much of Dan Aykroyd and Rosie O’Donnell in “Exit to Eden.” – Tom Meek

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