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By Brad Wilke | November 30, 2008

“P.O.V.” is a short film written and directed by Tawan Bazemore that opens with an Angelina Jolie look-alike, alone in a room, melodramatically playing the piano (she’s blind). Finishing her piece, she goes to open the door and the screen goes black.

When the picture comes back, she is lying beaten and bloody on the floor in the aftermath of what appears to be a brutal rape. After about two minutes of her sobbing over an overcooked Garageband score, her boyfriend happens by and yells into the phone for help. Then they recount happier times and make confessions as they wait for the ambulance to arrive. But as they do, she reveals that… I guess he was the one that raped her? I actually had to watch this twice to confirm that.

I’m sure the filmmaker had his heart in the right place, and I hate to say this, but this is a really horri- Okay. I feel bad criticizing such an earnest effort (I am still relatively new to this…and I think it might be based on a true story, so, you know, bad karma and all).

But, luckily, I happened to be watching this short with my female roommate (who doesn’t have my filmmaker’s heart) and she did it for me. There were some hiccups on the dvd, so every couple of minutes it would sort of pause for a few seconds and then resume. After about the third time this happened, she turns to me and says: “This movie’s so bad, it doesn’t even want to play itself.”

I will leave it at that.

[Reviewer’s note: The music was apparently not done on Garageband. Oops.]

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