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By Admin | September 16, 2011

Daryl Hexler (Jeff D’Agostino) spends the majority of his time taking care of his mentally and physically handicapped brother (Nicholas Mongiardo-Cooper). When Daryl’s brother dies in a freak accident (that is both humorous and disturbing at the same time), Daryl finds himself stuck on how to dispose of the body. Burial and funeral procedures may be standard fare, but they’re also expensive, so Daryl wanders around town, trying out all his options in an effort to stay away from burying his brother in the local potter’s field cemetery for the unknown and indigent.

Masked as a dark comedy with a few gruesome images, Potter’s Field winds up being more than just an uncomfortable laugh here and there; it has heart, so much so that it had to overcompensate in the other direction to hide it all. Daryl wants to do right by his brother, but he’s also burdened by his own resentment towards him. The death doesn’t sink in right away, and Daryl treats it as one more hassle his brother has thrown in his way.

And that’s the beauty of the film. Daryl may seem apathetic towards his brother’s death, but everyone works through their emotions differently. While a typical funeral and burial is set up so that people can have a set framework to grieve, Daryl’s journey allows him to work through it all in a very unique way. And we get to go along for the ride.

Potter’s Field looks great, sounds a wonderful, dark comedic tone and Jeff D’Agostino sells the character of Daryl to perfection. The short makes you giggle, squirm and even massages some sentimental moments out.

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  1. Cat Youell says:

    Couldn’t agree more! You nailed it on the head! Such a fabulous film!

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