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By Brian Bertoldo | November 22, 1999

Everyone’s familiar with what the term “Gone Postal” means. Why hadn’t anyone made a film about this topic before? Well, Jeffrey Jackson has and it’s brilliant.
Oren Starks (Brad Garrett) is your typical mailman. Oren tape records all his conversations as well as any barking dogs he runs into and he sleeps in a tent in his garage with the lawnmower running. Oh yeah, he also keeps an arsenal of guns in a mailbox. At this point you could say end of story, right? Not quite, there’s more. Tammy (Grace Canvanaugh) also works at the post office. Tammy’s a blond bombshell tease who’s a survivor of a post office massacre. Tammy appears to get off on violence especially getting the men she’s involved with to commit violent acts. Oren’s got a crush on Tammy, more like an obsession with her. Of course she’s not interested in this freak but chooses to use her charms on coworker Harry (Rob Roy Fitzgerald), a dim wit who walks around with a handgun. As you can see, there’s more than one potential nut job in this bunch. As the film plays out, Oren sinks deeper into his own private insanity, Harry reaches the boiling point with Tammy and his job and somebody snaps in a blood spattered massacre. Will Tammy survive, to go on to another post office in another town and another man?
A thoroughly enjoyable film, reminiscent of Fargo in that it perfectly mixes dark humor with brutal violence. Brad Garrett delivers a disturbing and subtly humorous performance as psycho Oren.

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