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By Dennis Przywara | December 10, 2002

If short films about women on the verge of taking their lives are your cup of tea, then “Pony” is a five star salute to everything suicidal. This chapter of the truly depressed is about a woman who spiritually travels back in time to say her last goodbye to her father who works as a projectionist at the local theatre. At least the plot has something going for it.
Too dark for an “ABC After School Special,” yet not dark enough to be part of the David Lynch club, we get thrown into a six-minute emotional roller coaster with a woman expressing every last bit of emotion until she makes the ultimate sacrifice. With most films of this nature, it’s disheartening as hell. Why certain artists are obsessed with death I’ll never understand. Director Ed Gass-Donnelly seems to have a knack for it. Even with its inner dose of misery, “Pony” is well stylized in its quick cut editing of the main character’s flood of emotions. Jumping from location to location, we get a slight sense of what’s going on in the woman’s mind. Though in the end, the story seems better suited for a quick a one-act play than a rambling six-minute short.

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