It’s as simple as it gets: choose from the Plot-o-Matic’s numerous options for titles, film genres, character types, development, cars, a secret number, and more, and then submit your form. In seconds, you get a full-fledged plot for a movie based on your personally-selected ingredients. This was my result:
[ Give Me My Lapel Pin ] ^ an original screenplay concept ^ by Stephanie Donnelly
African-American comedy: A precocious child teams up with the chief of police to find the true meaning of love. In the process they deflower a ghost. By the end of the movie they run away from 13 former SNL cast members and end up winning the admiration of a kind-hearted prostitute, living happily ever after. ^ Think sex lies and videotape meets Curly Sue.
Go play, and then submit to those studios, at Mad Dog Productions’ [ Plot-o-Matic. ]

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