By Doug Brunell | October 9, 2006

There’s a reason you’re seeing a lot of Jason Ritter on the television these days. He has his father’s charm and boyish good looks, and he can act. Just his face alone elicits sympathy, and that’s essential here for his role as Daniel, a young paranoid schizophrenic who thinks “bad men” are out to get him. When he goes off his medication he ends up doing some very bad things in order to keep himself safe, and you can kind of guess how that’s all going to end up.
Told through flashbacks and Daniel’s point of view, this tale is probably familiar to anyone who has ever dealt with a paranoid schizophrenic. Things aren’t always rational, and the emotional roller coaster tends to be pretty damn scary, frustrating and ultimately exhausting. All of that is conveyed fairly well here, especially when you consider that the film runs only fourteen minutes. Writer/director Michael Steinbach packs a lot in during that time, however, which leaves one to wonder what he could do with a feature length film. Here’s to hoping we one day find out.

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