By Admin | January 25, 2005

What starts out as an extremely disturbing argument in a pizza shop between a couple quickly turns into an observation of how celebrity rules all. Okay, so when it does this turn, the film is still extremely disturbing.

A wild-eyed man screams the worst bile filled hate at his girlfriend in the middle of a pizza shop, ending his belligerence with a threat that he’ll be outside, waiting to cut her throat. Once the hate-monger leaves the shop to pace the parking lot, a young couple sit at the crying girlfriend’s table to offer their assistance. The girlfriend then finally stops crying and it’s not because a helping hand has arrived, but it’s because this helping hand is a television star. Cries of “He’s going to kill me!” turn to queries about a character he played on a popular TV show.

Yes, celebrity is a wonderful thing and it makes people do the strangest things. Did I say “wonderful”? I meant “awful”.

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