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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | January 17, 2006

The best thing to do before “Pizzas, Pesos, and Pistoleros” is not to try to over think it and its plot too much. As a film it basically has its heart in the right place being a modern semi-western/action semi-comedy that relies on Western devices to tell its story. The plot in itself is at times hard to follow simply because the writer relies more on spoofing westerns than actually telling a story, but I know it involves a map to some gold, and cowboys who want it all for themselves.

“Pizza, Pesos, and Pistoleros” is a hit and miss product with some jokes and scenes that can induce a giggle here and there, but when it misses, boy is it hard to sit through. The worst flaw is that it’s pretty boring; it fails to truly give us a story that’s worth our time, and the pacing really does lag for a comedy; Watch two cowboys nearly get in to a gunfight over refusing to clock in, and are these people meant to be cowboys or are they taking their uniforms much too seriously? It was never really indicated. “Pizza, Pesos, and Pistoleros” can also sport some pretty terrible performances that detract from the comedy that it’s attempting to pass to the audience, with often stiff or over the top characters that really didn’t seem comfortable in their settings, nor did they deliver the comedy with the right timing.

However, “Pizza, Pesos, and Pistoleros” can also be pretty damn funny with dialogue that can really spark a chuckle, and there’s, of course the Waylon Jennings narration that was delightfully over the top and damn funny. Though “Pizza, Pesos, and Pistoleros” has its moments, it never really does succeed as a spoof.

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