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By Rory L. Aronsky | July 6, 2006

“Pitching Lucas” is driven by a simple question: If a television executive falls down dead in George Lucas’s mansion by the hand of Vader, does anyone really care?

Lucas (George Starkey) certainly doesn’t, as four suits with empty heads walk into his living room and pitch him their ideas for TV shows set in the Star Wars universe. How about “The Sith Million Dollar Man,” the creation of the most feared figure in all the films? No? Then how does “George’s Angels” strike you? Three women who’ve joined the Imperial Academy and have very different talents that are immensely effective when they work together.

Lucas feels the same way as you might, and the giddy fun is in how each executive is disposed of by him. And Starkey, who previously played Lucas in “Saving ‘Star Wars’” is likely as close as we’ll get to the main cheese starring in one of these fanfilms and is definitely the go-to guy whenever any filmmaker needs Lucas.

Because of that, because of the inexplicable energy of the executives who gradually fear their turn, and the godawful pitches that follow, “Pitching Lucas” joins the authoritative ranks of those fanfilms like “The Jedi Hunter”, the “Pink Five” films, “Trooper Clerks”, and others that continuously make the most out of all things Star Wars.

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