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By Allen White | October 11, 1999

The original title of the film was “Jr. League Jerkoffs,” which has nothing to do with anything that actually occurs in the film, yet knowing this might somehow give you insight into Plotnik’s brain.The film is divided into three parts: 1) A portly sad-sack is terrorized by evil children. 2) Interviews in which kids talk about the many reasons why adults suck. 3) A replay of the events in part 1, but instead the former sad-sack is now a adult avenger who swiftly crushes any opposition from the aggressive children.
Parts 1 and 3 are shot like old silent films, in black-and-white and complete with a plinking piano score, and seek to capture the whimsical feel of an old comedy serial, specifically “The Little Rascals.” While competently shot, the humor of the film is so unsophisticated and unspecific, that it neither succeeds as comedy nor very well as entertainment. The best feature of the film is its middle segment, shot in color, which is a straightforward documentation of the opinions of children about what they hate about adults. Reason number one, according to the subjects, is that adults boss kids around. Not deep, but truthful.

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