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By Rory L. Aronsky | July 6, 2006

Well isn’t that something. Filmmaker-of-all-trades Wayne Barnes’s “Pimp My Ship Up” is more tolerable than MTV’s “Pimp My Ride” in a couple of diverting moments where Boba Fett (Jimmy Holland) is more of a skinny 20-something than the intense bounty hunter he always was, nearly assaulted by the hyperactive host of “Pimp My Ship Up” who looks around Slave 1, incredulous at how anyone could operate a ship that’s falling apart this badly. It still can be flown, but even the host wonders how Boba had never heard of clothes hangers and after excitedly announcing to him that his ship’s going to be pimped up, the host flies it off for a complete revamp. The usual bright colors emerge, and this show can easily be thought of as being seen throughout various clubs wherever those who aren’t Jedi, roam. Barnes, however, causes much disappointment at the end, when it’s clear that Slave 1 shouldn’t have been the ship to be pimped up. After all, it’s always been as unpleasant as Boba’s missions. But how do you pimp up an AT-AT walker? And would the host of “Pimp My Ship Up” actually survive the attempt?

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