By Eric Campos | February 13, 2003

I gotta give it to the filmmaker, at least he’s in the same ballpark as I am with dreams of making common jackassery into a professional sport. Regular readers of Film Threat will more than likely know that in my dreams, Dodgeball will become a professional sport and will be sponsored by the finest beer companies and crack houses in the world. In the dreams of the creator of “Pillowfighter,” well…you guessed it…pillowfighting is a pro sport, or at least it was in the 1890s. Sounds like a funny idear to me, it’s just too bad that most of the jokes made in this film are as humorless as having a load of s**t in your shorts.
Cool thing about this short is that filmmaker James Greenberg has successfully pulled off the whole 1890s early film look. But as far as the entire bogus story that this mockumentary tries to sling at you, it’s not only uninteresting, but just plain unfunny as well. Oh well, I won’t let this film ruin my image of hitting someone over the head with a pillow as funny.

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