I just want to state for the record that the camera built into the Treo 600 phone is not the best camera-phone on the market. In fact, I know of shoebox pin-hole cameras that could take better looking pics (it’s a shame they’re so bulky). Anyway, today I caught some press screenings, stood in the snow and hung out with the incomparable John Bryant. And here’s the pics to prove:

Mark... alone in the front...

Out of respect for the filmmakers, their producers and the publicists that work hard to promote the film and provide press screenings, I won’t mention which film I saw today that involved almost no members of the press attending. As you can see, the line forms behind me… if there were a line.

Snow in front of me, snow behind me, snow on me… and a blown-out picture to capture the moment.

Filmmaker John Bryant and I share a moment at the Sundance HQ lobby. John directed a short film by the name of “Oh My God!” which is, quite simply, one of the most hilarious shorts I have ever seen. It played Sundance 2005, and this year John returns with “Momma’s Boy.” Check out a great interview with John, and check out Film Threat’s review of “Oh MY God!” as well.

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