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By Eric Campos | February 10, 2002

Basically someone squeezed what would’ve worked better as a fleshed-out feature into a 16-minute short where nothing at all is developed so that anybody watching won’t really give a damn about what’s going on.
The film drops us in a top-secret research facility that doubles as a prison for children with telekinetic powers. Here, the kids are forced to hone their powers or be “retired”. For some reason or another, one of the little boys has a bond with the janitor. So, late at night, the boy pulls the janitor into his dream, kinda like a Dream Warrior, but before the fun in the forest can begin, the evil professor from the research facility breaks into the dream and drags the little boy off. The next day, the janitor pays a visit to the little boy in his room where they subdue the guard and take off for their escape. They get chased around by the heavy artillery toting guards for awhile until the little boy flings them about with his telekinetic powers. They run some more, but are met by the professor and one of his pupils, another little boy, and the two boys are forced to levitate a spinning cog. The janitor steps in and uses his own powers to fry the professor’s brain. Free from that mess, the two little boys escape and run through the forest to find the first little boy’s mother waiting for them with open arms. The end.
A pretty big waste of time I must say. I think chewing on some tree bark would’ve been more productive than watching this thing.

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