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By Pete Jones | September 3, 2003

In last week’s entry in PETE JONES’ “DOUBTING RILEY” DIARY, the freckle-faced filmmaker found himself without a lead actor. So he cast himself. With determination and a drive to act, Pete forged ahead to make his movie against the odds. This week Pete plans to set the record straight…

I’m not sure if I mentioned this last week, but, um, I made out with a guy. It’s just not something I thought I’d ever be able to say. Shockingly, people don’t seem to warm up to the idea that I was doing it because the character is gay. They think “Doubting Riley” is just some $700 thousand coming out party for me.

We are halfway through with the shooting of “Doubting Riley,” and by far the toughest thing I have to deal with is watching dailies of the scenes that I am in. Off the subject, I feel like every time I mention the movie’s title “Doubting Riley,” I’m pulling a Bob Dole from the ’96 election. If I mention the title enough, will people vote for it? Anyway, I can’t stand watching myself. In the movie “Doubting Riley.” I know it’s the Aw Shucks thing to say and somehow Greenlight typecast me as the Aw Shucks guy. But really, truly, I hate my f*****g self on screen. And I’m not digging for the compliments either. I’m confident I’m doing a decent job, not great, not bad. But I can’t watch it. It goes beyond vanity and taps into the deepest of nameless insecurities.

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