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By Doug Brunell | October 7, 2004

“Perspective” teaches one of those little life lessons that we all need a refresher course on from time to time. You see, it’s all about perspective — hence the title.

Mr. Niceguy (Joey Bassi) and Mr. Meanguy (Barton Anderson) are customers in a diner. Both are being waited on by Flo (Sheri Lawrence). While they are having the same experience, the two customers deal with it in very different ways, making it pretty obvious who is going to die of a stress-related disease somewhere down the line. Yes, it’s a simple story, but it is nice to be reminded of these things every few years.

It should also be noted, though I hate the fact that I even have to do this, that Joey Bassi has Down Syndrome. It’s not part of the plot, though, and it has absolutely no bearing on him as an actor. So why point it out? Because Hollywood still insists upon having actors without disabilities play characters with them. Granted, not every person with Down Syndrome can act, but they are out there and should be utilized. Katharine Leis is an innovator here, and I hope she’s setting the new standard.

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