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By Rory L. Aronsky | May 22, 2006

Radio news reports from all over the world. Wars have broken out. The worst in humanity has erupted. Popular political figures shot dead. John Lennon gone. The world is no longer what we thought it was.

Bill Kersey sees it all differently and rightly so, through shots of mountains and trees and streams, all peaceful, with no jarring interruption by the actions of man. To him, the life of the planet will still remain when all the major players in the world’s affairs are long gone. The trees will still be tall, mountains will always be mountains. We may find it shocking about Kennedy, and all the others in American history, but all of them are merely textbooks, TV footage, old news reports, documentaries, and still the trees and mountains remain.

Kersey is so sure of his viewpoint and lets us know as such, a strong-willed statement from a strong mind. Better still is how his statement gives way to other thoughts, such as how far our history will stretch. 100 years? 1,000 years? Some world events should never be forgotten, but Kersey wonders if those events will be as rock-solid in memory as the nature he sees so clearly. And even away from all of those thoughts, there are resplendent shots of the White Mountains in Arizona and the San Juan Mountains in Colorado. Whether for nature or for wondering how long we will last through memory, Kersey knows what he thinks and shows it quite well.

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