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By Eric Campos | April 1, 2004

Odd stuff and I like it. “Peluca” focuses on uber-geek Seth as he convinces his two friends to ditch their high school P.E. class with him to wander about town in rural Idaho.
The first order of business is to buy a lottery ticket. After Seth miserably fails due to being underage, one of his buddies, sporting a pencil thin moustache, gives it a shot and emerges from the store with a lottery ticket in his hand. The ticket hits a ten-dollar gold mine and the trio heads off to the thrift store to buy Seth a new fanny pack…told you the guy was an uber-geek.
But after arriving at the thrift store and fondling the various goods, Seth decides to pass on the fanny pack in order spend the ten bucks on a nasty old wig for his buddy who obtained the lottery ticket. You see, this guy has had his dome hidden underneath a hooded sweatshirt up till now because of bad judgment on his part to completely shave his head. Now with the wig, he looks like he has a filthy animal taking a nap atop his skull. I think everyone will agree the shaved head would be the route to go instead if this new outcome, but that’s just part of the subtle wackiness of this entertaining short.

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