By Admin | November 1, 1999

Of the two nights of short films, Peep Show received the most applause when the credits starting rolling. Peep Show satirizes the commonly known desires of the single woman.
A thirty-something woman visits a peep show like no other. She’s not here to see Chip & Dales style strip routines but something that will satisfy a need deeper than sex. First of all the booth isn’t what you’d typically think of for a peep show. It’s all tastefully done in red drapes with a makeup counter and a series of buttons on the wall. As she feeds the money into a slot in the wall she makes her selections from the buttons. With each selection a window opens featuring two men. They act out routines straight out of a woman’s dreams. They talk about commitment, cuddling, and stopping to ask for directions. In between the routines, while the window is closed, the men complain about the ridiculousness of what they are saying.
By far the best short of the festival, touching a chord with every man and woman in the theater.

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