Disney released the Pearl Harbor DVD, which is cool, and all… but… PEARL HARBOR II: PEARLMAGEDDON is live! Well… on the internet, anyway! Filmmakers Taz Goldstein and Robert Moniot are thrilled to announce their internet distribution deal with iFilm for both of their shorts, “Pearl Harbor II” and The Dancing Cow.
“Thanks to everyone who came to the premiere screening last night at Disney Studios (that’s right, the same studio that made the real ‘Pearl Harbor hosted’ our screening),” said Goldstein. “It was an amazing night. One we won’t soon forget. Lines of traffic around the block!? Who knew?” (Those lines of traffic were probably to get through security. – ed.)
The filmmakers sent this note that they wanted to share with Film Threat readers: ^ The big studios have millions of dollars to promote their films. We have you. The reason we made this film was to prove to Hollywood that we have what it takes to make feature films, and the only way it’s going to work, is if people are talking about it, watching it, and spreading the word. Please help us spread the word.
Here’s how you can help… ^ 1. Tell everyone you know about the film and where to see it (www.iFilm.com). Tell them to tell their friends, etc… ^ 2. Goto iFilm yourself, watch the movie, then rate it (and post a review if you have the time). ^ 3. Download the poster from the web site, print it, and tape it to your shirt. ^ 4. Buy a PH2 shirt, and staple it to your chest. ^ 5. Repeat from step 1.

Check out these exclusive pics from the movie and take Taz and Robert’s advice.
You can learn more about the film by checking out the official PH2 web site .
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