By Doug Brunell | November 11, 2009

This movie will appeal to Lucio Fulci fans and no one else. That is not a bad thing because Fulci fans are die-hards who will eat up anything related to him, and this limited edition DVD will be no exception.

While not a documentary in the traditional sense of the word, this film is a series of short interviews with people (around 90 of them, and more volumes expected) in some way associated with the director. There’s Franco Bruni, Carlo Rambaldi, Lamberto Bava, Ruggero Deodato, Umberto Lenzi, Michele Soavi, Penny Brown, Geoffrey Lewis, Jean Sorel, and dozens more. Many of these people have fond memories of the horror director’s humor and love of culture, but others remember him as an angry man who sometimes pushed actors too hard. They all have some respect for him, however, despite his temper.

This DVD has little value to anyone who isn’t familiar with the man’s many films (“The Gates of Hell” being one of my favorites). This isn’t a slam against it. It is just so specialized that it really doesn’t need to be seen by anyone else. It doesn’t give a retrospect of the films; it gives praise to the man. And that is something much needed as he has been maligned for far too many years, especially in his home country of Italy. This project is a step that will help rectify that situation, and for that Fulci fans need to support it.

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