A great deal of the magic of motion pictures comes in the audience’s ability to suspend practical thought and accept the most outlandish concepts imaginable. But this basic tenet of film appreciation is stretched far beyond the fraying point with Joel Gilbert’s utterly ridiculous documentary, which is rooted on the insistence that George Harrison left behind audio recordings that confirmed the late 1960s urban legend of Paul McCartney’s automobile accident death and secret replacement by a ringer.

Highway 61 Entertainment, the company behind this film, insists that in 2005 it received a parcel from London that contained a micro-cassette recorder and two tapes narrated by someone who supposedly sounded like Harrison.  The parcel had no return address, and there was no explanation why that particular company – as opposed to a serious news organization – was chosen to receive the material.

This film, which is narrated by someone that sounds absolutely nothing like Harrison, runs an inventory of every well-worn allegation raised in the “Paul is dead” scenario.  Yes, all of the oddball album covers, pun-filled lyrics, backwards-played music and curiously posed photographs are trotted out and presented as the honest-to-goodness truth. A few new claims, such as tying the murder of John Lennon to an MI5 plot to keep this story under wraps, are also aired.

Beatles fans might have some fun with the wealth of vintage news footage and photographs that are gathered here – none of the Fab Four’s songs were licensed, however – and conspiracy theorists will get indigestion gobbling up the film’s servings. But anyone with limited patience for cinematic stupidity can stop this mess at any point and drive the Magical Mystery Tour bus through the film’s holes of logic. Mother Mary really did say it best: let it be.

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  1. mrbelette says:

    “Tee: Paul and George never played with the Quarry Men”

    Wrong. Paul joined the Quarrymen in 1957 and George in 1958.

  2. Phil Hall says:

    Thank you, Zulay – thought I can’t believe that people are still talking about this ridiculous little movie from four years ago!

    • Mr. Glenn says:

      What I really believe is that the: Paul McCartney Really Is Dead, film was produced as a “disinformation” piece, with such “obvious errors” included within it, so as to have the exact effect that it’s had on most everyone of you! And if that’s the case (and I believe it is), it’s intended purpose has been achieved with enormous success!

      I truly believe that the original Paul McCartney did, in fact, perish in an accident, but that, of course, is my own opinion, as each one of us is entitled to, here. To hide something ‘in plain sight’ is often the best method by which to deceive people, since their assumptions work against them. Cognitive dissonance.

  3. Zulay says:

    Sorry if I make mistakes but my language is the Spanish.
    Points that I would consider:
    1.-The famous person (unless he/she is born famous) not always was. Born and raised in a family with parents, siblings, uncles, cousins, the wives/husbands of the uncles and cousins, had neighbors, fellow students, in the case of The Beatles they had friends when they were only kids who made music, even with different drummers, they had fans that followed them everywhere, etc. If you add workers clubs, sound technicians, wives of the other Beatles, parents, uncles, cousins of their wives, TV people that worked close to them, and I could continue adding people. You really think they had so much power and money to buy them all? Hundreds of people and nobody noticed the difference or pretended to be blind because they were bought? Imagine that someone tells you that he is your cousin “John Doe” but he’s only some guy that looks a lot like him, wouldn’t you notice the difference? You can fool or buy everyone? It was necessary to do that?
    2.-We are talking about 1966, when there was not even laser surgery or dentistry. It is assumed that the hypothetical William suffer surgery after surgery to make him exactly like Paul (including scars and broken tooth that already Paul had since 1965 when he had a motorcycle accident. Which you can see clearly in the video “Paperback Writer “) and those surgeons were so extraordinary that at the middle of the nest year the new Paul was so perfect that he could make the film “Magical Mystery Tour”(which by the way he directed), also accompanied by the other Beatles, a lot of musicians, dancers, actors, models and ordinary people.
    3.-This hypothetical Mr. William Campbell, not only looked like Paul, he could sing, talk, walk, move and gesticulate like him,( something that any good mimicker can do) but in addiction to this he was right while Paul was left-handed. However this super extraordinary genius, because he could be called differently, learned to play guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, drums, piano and organ like a left-handed person and also learned to write exactly like Paul with his left hand. And he has continued doing this for 50 years. He has written special songs, he has made wonderful music and every album he brings to market is better than the previous one. I make the remark that if all of it were not so far-fetched story, William Campbell would be my idol.
    4. I invite any of you to take yourself a photo in the morning after a bath and a good breakfast, another in a party at 3:00 in the morning when you are drunk and you have danced all night long and the other next day when you wake up with a big hangover. I assure you that every face is different. Imagine taking these pictures with 3, 7, 10 years of difference. And about the height comparisons do not forget that there is something called heels and something called focus position.
    5. – About the “George Harrison last testament” which has so many errors in facts, names, dates and so big stupidities that no way they could come from Georges mouth. What do you think? It is reasonable to believe in a record where the face of who made it is not showed and where there is no more evidence that the word of someone who says he received an envelope? Sorry, but as a logical person I do not believe this story.

  4. Phil Hall says:

    Three years after this review was published, people are still talking about this film??? Incredible!

  5. hazal says:

    he is not dead.he is live.i’m not watching mov but i’am know,paul is not dead.

  6. ok everybody i havent seen this film that you are discussing. BUT WHY would they THE BEATLES go to so much trouble to put all tose clues in & on the records & jackets. it wasnt like they were not selling albums & beatle related items. to me i just dont see why they would waste all there time thinking of things to put in & on their albums.knowing john in his candor dont you non believers think he would think it would it would get OLD after a while, thinking up lyrics to hide clues in & scheme up record jackets to hide clues on? there are people that are still alive that would know if paul is paul or faul is faul, george martin, yoko ono, ringo, julian lennon,even sean lennon may know the truth about all of this. ok, why, before revolver there were no hints about pauls death? because he was alive. granted the beatles changed what with the late 60’s drug influence & all that.but absolutely no reference to any death related songs or albums before revolver, to me that lends some credence to all of this!ok to change the subject does anyone believe tha jim morrison is dead. when questioned ray manzarek said that when they, the doors,went to france they didnt look in the casket to see if jim was really in there. the interview is somewhere, i’m sure it can be found on the net somewhere. bobby t

  7. Amber to be honest? Yes I did think the Blair Witch might be true? Until those lying maggots came out in the open about it?
    But the legend of Paul is no Blair Witch? Too many years of rumors, attacks, assasination & logic not to believe it? Now I’m 55 still believing my eyes about Paul…(he is dead)

  8. Melvin says:

    To Frankie Dee and the rest of the half-witted, irrational loons who believe the ‘Paul Is Dead’ crap without hard evidence one way or the other: Ultimately, you are seeing exactly what you want to see. You can read it in your posts… “I’m not saying I believe the theories, BUT…” Your minds are already made up.

    You’ve deferred your own ability to reason by prematurely BELIEVING the carefully-crafted bits of “evidence” and conjecture that’s bit spewed out and inflated for decades now. At worst, you should all be undecided on the issue. You can be intrigued by the theories and seemingly visible discrepancies in Paul’s appearance over the years, but the moment you jump to BELIEVING (and that is EXACTLY what you’re doing – make no mistake) you’re an irrational fool. Start again… you’ve forgotten how to perceive correctly.

    Someone said it accurately awhile back: “Dear God, the lunatics have taken over the asylum.”

    The amount of people who willingly allow themselves to be enamored by this garbage is stunning. Then again, maybe not.

  9. Thomas Bernatchez says:

    I’m a huge beatles fans and I laughted so hard at this movie 🙂 This documentary is pure genius!

  10. Johnny says:

    Why the bashing of Ringo? I mean, “no talent and no personality”? I doubt if George ever really said that. Why put it in the movie?

  11. 3-of-Hearts says:

    I really don’t have much interest in the Beatles, but I ran across this film on Netflix and had to watch it. If this is true, which I doubt, then it is one of the most interesting cover-ups I’ve ever heard about. Regardless of the truth, I think this is the best celebrity bash film I’ve ever seen. Think about it…. This guy went and picked out all the little stuff within songs and album art and made this elaborate, convincing story about Paul McCartney dying in 1966 and being replaced by a fraudulent, no-talent a*s clown that gets extensive plastic surgery and has been in two shams of marriages. He’s also an operative for the MI-5 and calls in hits if his cover is blown. Hilarious… It’s either creative genius or it’s real. I’m guessing this guy sided with Lennon. In any case, it was entertaining.

  12. AL says:

    I was born in Scotland in oct 1962. I have 2 older brothers and an older sister. My oldest Brother Jim was the biggest Beatle fan through out the Sixties. Jim was born in 1952. He always claimed that there was such a big change in Paul after 1966 and truly believes that Paul is Faul, even before the media got a hold of this story in 1969. His height, his voice, his eyes which are a lot closer. I am a huge Beatle fan, and play most of their songs on guitar and to top it off I was 7 rows from the front stage at his concert in Vancouver this past Sunday. Now I just watched this documentary and no I don’t’ believe it’s George speaking, Rita is not Heather mills other items mentioned are pretty much outrages. However this documentary opens up many questions as to is Paul, Faul? You have to admit it it makes us wonder. The lyrics, the album covers, why is Faul always doing the opposite of the other Beatles. John was trying to tell us something that he could not come out and say for whatever reason. But he was trying to tell us all, there is no dis-spelling. Faul has gone onto live a great life under the lime light. He is a gifted artist and has given us great songs, he was placed into this situation and is making the best of it. It will all come out in the wash and the true Beatle fans will feel no bitterness over what happened. It is what it is and we still got the opportunity to listen and love their music prior to 1966 and after.

  13. Dean Paul Larsh says:

    The recording was too ‘clean’ to have been recorded on a microcassette recorder no matter how expensive. The voice, while a good imitation, was too inaccurate to have been Harrison. There were too many inaccuracies with the timeline to be taken seriously (named, here, already). It ranks too much of the famed 60-IF document. Basically, it’s just a regurgitation of all the mythos of PID/PWR. But, it does have nice vintage footage and graphics.
    My advice, look up The Winged Beatle and The Rotten Apple presentations on youtube for decent, reliable and accurate information to an issue that quite the number of people won’t let rest.

  14. Rich Gibson says:

    Is that kerry smith on Thu, 7th Apr 2011 4:34 pm

    who says “inconsistent use of Cockney accent” for real? Does he know what a Cockney is, does he know what a scouser is. Does he know where Liverpool Is? Typical bloody yank…not a clue

  15. Tob says:

    @jhanman – how about the fact that the timeline presented in this movie is terrible. that isn’t good enough evidence for you ? The fact that Rubber Soul was released almost a year before this ‘tragic accident’ yet the narrator talks of how that album was done with ‘Faul’ or the fact that Revolver (again same scenario) was released over a month before this ‘tragic accident’, yet is portrayed here as being post ‘tragic accident’ I am sure your comment was pure trolling but if not your ridiculous. The fact that the supposed argument john and paul had was over the song Girl, even though that song had already been released for over a year before these supposed events. Also the ‘Butcher’ album cover, also was released before these supposed events, in June of 66, almost half a year before said ‘tragic accient.’

  16. julie says:

    i wasnt born until the 70’s, so i never knew about the whole paul is dead thing until now. as a Beatles fan i had to watch this movie. all i can say what a crock of s**t!!

  17. N Markell says:

    I have to agree with Dan Miller, and several others above. There should have been a disclaimer at the end of the movie stating that it was for entertainment purposes, only. Given the lack of evidence and contradictions in the timing of important events sited, I would have to that this film was distastefully executed.

  18. Kylie says:

    I really had to stop watching after about 15 minutes because I knew that all of it was completely fake. As said above, Rubber Soul was released in 1965, even though in the movie it says that Paul and John were having differences on the song Girl. Do not spend money on this shameful display of a film, but if you have the chance to watch it through Netflix, you can see how obviously fake it is. Even if you did believe in the whole ” Paul is dead ” hoax, this movie would not prove anything. There are many facts to support that Paul is indeed, alive. So to all of you who think that this movie is even remotely true, you need to check if you are a stable minded person. Also, another point that has been mentioned, why don’t they use DNA evidence? I’m sure it would disprove many assumptions about the hoax. Well, that’s it for me. Live long Paul! 🙂

  19. Joey says:

    Baby you can drive my car

  20. john says:

    what i wanna know is why he kept repating himself he must have metioned that “faul” smoke weed after his surgerys like 3 times it was deffinatly recored with the intention for it to be a movie

    it was interesting but fake in my option now if it is true i would like to hear it from ringo actually not just here it i want it to be filmed so i can see him speaking and not just some tape that showed up on some rinky dink film makers doorstep

  21. MuchoMungo says:

    Ok…saw that ‘documentary’ on Netflix 2 days ago and i cannot stop laughing still! ‘Well, he kinda looks like a walrus’ said Maxwell! ha ha ha…

    I’ve been a Beatles fan for ages, and I of course have heard (and read) about the original ‘Paul is dead’ conspiracy. It was a huge surprise to me when I came across a re-vamped version (with ALL the newly added ‘details’ about the MI5 etc). This movie is (unintentionally) a great source of laughters for anyone with the slightest sense of humor. I mean, the ‘cassettes’, the so-called ‘George’, the anachronisms, fictious details, tricked pix and all… I would play it to an audience of Beatles afficionados as part of a double feature ending with the Pythonesque ‘The Rutles: All you need is cash’…

    One funny details (even if only real ‘pro’ fans will notice) is the fact that ‘George’ points out at hidden clues in the lyrics of John’s ‘Only a Northern song'(on Yellow Submarine) when the song is… written by Harrison!!!! How could he make a mistake on this… And as all the previous comments pointed out, the Heather Mills/Rita story is hillarious… and the same goes for the claim of a’forced break-up with Jane Asher in 1966,m through a type-written letter’… only to see that very smae Jane walking side by side with ‘Faul’ in the Rishikesh archive movies! *lol* Maybe she was also a ‘false Jane’… I’m all surprised that they did not use Brian Epstein’s death as part of their story….

    All in all it’s a HUGE joke which I enjoyed with sarcasm… Not worth 5.99$, but if you’ve got Netflix and want to hear a poorly constructed hoax, that’s the ideal movie!

  22. muchomeecho says:

    Seriously? Why even HAVE wings then? Why not disappear into obscurity after the Beatles split up? Why risk keeping the charade up all high profile with a new band and touring til this day?

    Dear God the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

  23. Billy Windle says:

    To add to what jim langille says about Faul’s songwriting, I’m certain ex Moody Blue Denny Laine carried Wings – writing all the best material but not taking the credit. The Moody Blues were signed by Brian Epstein and they toured with the Beatles, whom they got to know very well. The official story is that Denny Laine left the Moody Blues in 1966 due to declining popularity. I don’t buy that and of course the timing is suspicious. Laine was and is a very talented songwriter and vocalist. To my mind there’s a very good case for Laine singing Penny Lane, for instance. With his talents, Laine could easily have filled in for McCartney in the studio.

  24. vitamin M says:

    I’d like to address jim langille’s and every other PIDer’s assertion that those who don’t believe it, don’t WANT to. Wrong. I could accept it easily if it were true. I would lose nothing. Yet I’m not convinced and this movie does NOTHING to convince me. Now if you think a bunch of altered still “before and after” photos will do the trick, please realize that prefer to compare videos, not, photos and it hasn’t escaped my notice that PIDers don’t like videos of Maccaw very much. It’s because in video, there is no doubt that the guy in the movie Help is the same dude in The Magical Mystery Tour, the same dude who Stella McCartney calls dad til this day. Start tossing me clues and I’ll debunk most. Some are uncanny, I will admit but they DO NOT add up to this ridiculous rumor being true.

  25. Sassy lou says:

    Whatever it’s a real mind fcuk of a documentary.

  26. Frankie Dee says:

    Well said Jim!!!I’m with you 100%. I’m a retired Detective , and I’ve gone over the forensics with a fine tooth comb, and there is no doubt in my mind that this guy pretending to be Paul is an imposter!!! I WISH i COULD GET A FEW PEOPLE LIKE YOU TOGETHER SO WE CAN EXPOSE THE TRUTH ONCE AND FOR ALL!!If you want to contact me I will give you my email, and name.

  27. jim langille says:

    LOL someone said why dont they sue the producers of the movie lol They cant if they did then a real investigation would be done and the whole truth would come out.Ringo and the many families that have gotten forever rich from the secret would look like monsters.Ive been done with the obvious clues for years its so cut and dry.Keep diggin folks but I want to help you out but just abit,I gotta family and want to be careful so heres a few facts for ya.Where did paul mccartneys tremendous sense of humor go after 66.When pauls father died in 76,Paul one of the richest men in the world did not go to his funeral,,,why cause he WAS NOT INVITED.Dont be tricked into the Phil Ackrill story that he is the new paul,dont spend a second on it.Alot of research was put into where paul has been buried and most experts say ST peters parish church in woolton liverpool and it seems obvious because of eleanor rigby was buried their,and father mackenzie connection and its where paul and John used to hang out and meet.The movie last testment filled in a couple of holes that I was hung up on,but I almost had a heart attack when the words BLACKPOOL came out that is when I new I was on the right track cause my research put him there,,,are you ready PAUL MCCARTNEY IS BURIED AT LAYTON CEMENTARY ON TALBOT RD BLACKPOOL.As years role by it will be harder to prove the truth WHY lets take pauls child molesting brother mike for example he became extremely rich,I mean extremely in 66.You can forget any dna tests between him and fake paul.I would pay top dollar for a piece of each of there hair lol.Im not telling anybody to do that though.It hurts to say this but fake paul is a better singer than paul mccartney could have ever been and musician,but fake pauls songwriting sucks,I mean like brittny spears stuff,,the wings songs that fake paul wrote and bought were horrible,especiially compared to one of the best songwriters in history the real paul.Fake paul waited till after georges death to claim how he came up with the inspiration for so many of real pauls works of art.Fake paul has never written a piece of art ever,hes bought a couple of half descent ones though.Thats all for now,But for folks that believe paul mccartney is alive,we know you do not research the matter,,,and probably felt oj simpson was innocent lol,, If non beleivers just dont want to accept it ever I suggest you email fake paul and beg him to at least go back for one more surgery and attach his earlobes to his head like the REAL PAUL MCCARTNEY.

  28. Frankie Dee says:

    Why don’t you google Billy Shears, and see who he is!!!!!!

  29. Tee says:

    Within the first 5 mins he says “when Paul and I played with the Quarry Men in Hamburg..” Paul and George never played with the Quarry Men, and the Quarry Men never even played Germany. It was John’s first band in Liverpool.

  30. GetaGrip says:

    worst accent ever !

  31. Frankie Dee says:

    Hey Witch, check the forensics !!! Oh Golly!!! Paul grew almost 4 inches in just one year! Check the photo of Faul wearing the fake ear! Check the differences in the voice prints! Check Pauls attached ear lobe, and Fauls non attached! G Check the shape of the head,mouth,nose , and ears. Doubles are not as rare or impossible as you think> Ask any secret service agent. One more thought…What about Dick Ckark’s Mid 60″s Paul McCartney look a like contest? I wonder why no winner was ever announced? Why don’t you Google some pics of real life doubles and see how little, if any plastic surgery is even needed.

  32. Witch says:

    When they got to the part about Heather Mills being RITA, I laughed so hard I spewed milk out of my nose. How did McArtney’s mother attend his funeral since by 1966 she was already dead herself. Rubber Soul was in 1965. The narration is so obviously an actor reading in sequence from a script, not at all natural sounding as George Harrison would have been relating this story, especially 1 day after being stabbed and still in the hospital. Most supposed clues were just The Beatles having fun with an idiotic rumour. The rest are just nutjob conspiracy theories by those who couldn’t smell real s**t in a sewer. You wouldn’t need ongoing surgeries to change a guys face that is constantly seen by the public. It would be done after the first attempt.

  33. ron chimel says:

    A Deatles fan since 1963 when they first were exposed to America,
    That group and the people around them were THE best marketing people EVER and the Paul is Dead thing was a masterpiece.
    But yesterday, I became aware of this film and have to say ,although I don’t beleive it ,it was another really fantastic film that actually gave me the creeps and was a stupendous story of the underbelly of what really goes on in the world away from our eyes. It was a real horror story and made you want to think “well,maybe so”! Anyway all the way to the biggest f**k up in the film [the Rita /Heather Mills part which completely blew it out of the water as pure fiction. it was still entertaining as hell for me and it moved me emotionally to an uncomfortable spot because of its darkness.

  34. Billy says:

    Ok, so all you people are way too serious. First off, paul is a douche, alive, dead, or doppleganger, and John, and George were 10 times better songwriters. Second, this is a b-movie jive a*s documentary, anyone watching it and even remotely taking it seriously needed to stop taking acid when the fab four broke up. That being said, I love a good conspiracy story, especially when it’s total bullshit. I watched it, and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was well presented for a low budget flick, and in some spots, was kinda creepy, all that backwards masking and all. It has the same entertainment value as the youtube videos on “Nibiru” and that stupid 911 conspiracy movie Loose Change. If you ever seen any of these and said “hey ya know, maybe they’re on to something here” then you need to have your head examined, but if you just love a good ol’ bullshit fish tale, then it’s worth a look.

  35. Jo says:

    But I would like to ad to those who don’t take it seriously and with some salt it was a good laugh and well done, some one worked hard and it shows, I don’t think they wanted you to think that was actually George’s voice though.

  36. Jo says:

    This reminds me of the Osama is dead story, amazing how many people believe because of the way the story is presented. Some one mentioned New World Order, I think that that a real issue, the federal reserve world government TSA the real terrorist but this is to more than making a buck. This film discredits any so called “conspiracy theorist” whom think for the people and attacks the integrity of the Beatles completely. Not one would replace their friend for purpose of money or song, I really think this movie was made to make people forget the positive message all of them put out. Very propaganda like.

  37. micheal says:

    BTW they just did interview Ringo and he states clearly, that he “…was the only remaining Beatle.” It’s a quote, he said it, get over it.

  38. micheal says:

    This is a great story. Anyone who hates it, is either a complaint bot or works for a national security agency who has to go and blow up anything that remotely tells even a half truth. Paul is dead, maybe not the exact way this story tells, but no matter, if they told the whole truth it wouldn’t be the illuminati way. Because everything you see is based on lies, and nothing is real. Don’t fool yourself by explaining everything away as a comspiracy because think about it, how can everything be a conspiracy? Everything that leads to truth will always be half lies, half truth and they know we are left to fight about it. Drink the coolaid, because that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do.

  39. Frankie Dee says:

    You people crack me up! If you think this is just a lot of ” Hooey ” then why do you keep coming on this site with all your interesting comments! All I am saying is that someone spent a shitload of money, and lot’ of time and effort to concoct this stupid rumor. I say that it’s about time to put this all to rest once and for all! That’s why I would love to do the investigation and uncover the real reason for all this. I personally thin it’s been don so that Beatle records will continue to sell for many years to come.I would love to get to the bottom of this once and for all!!!!Then see how you feel about your precious Beatles.

  40. Vahan says:

    Rand, I listened to “A Day in the Life” backwards and I didn’t hear anything like what you said at all.

    As for this film, check out my post on IMDB for my attempts to debunk the things this movie claims:

    Also, the narrator claims that Paul’s parents attended the funeral, when Paul’s Mother had died when he was 14.

  41. Nicky D says:

    Oh, puh-LEEZE! I can’t believe someone dragged that old chestnut out of the fireplace and cracked it open again. I lived through the whole “Paul is dead” thing (and being of a somewhat morbid turn of mind back then, was totally into hunting down clues and such) and even then I knew it was a bunch of hooey. I like to say that if you look for s**t hard enough, you’ll convince yourself you’ve found it even if you haven’t. I was (and still am) a HUGE Beatles fan and I pored over every “clue” there was to find back then. The fact is that, like someone above pointed out, if you play a record backward you can hear anything if you wnat to hear it hard enough. A few Christmases ago, my nephew got a little hand held voice recorder that had a button to play whatever you said into it backwards, so I picked it up and intoned, …”Number Nine…” and when I played it back, it sounded like “Turn me on dead man”, although how I managed to get a “T” sound out of two words that didn’t contain “T’s” is beyond me. The whole thing could have been a marketing ploy. I like to think of the Beatles having a horselaugh at the expense of the fans that deified them. They knew better than anyone that, as John put it after the breakup, “It’s just a band! It’s not the end of the world!”

    Getting down to the point: I don’t mind hoaxes (not even transparent ones) as long as they are done WELL. This one isn’t.

  42. Frankie Dee says:

    That’s a very good point,Kevin. Why not interview Ringo? How about polygraph tests? How about DNA, or interview George’s wife,and Heather Mills? How about Paul’s birth certificate,and foot print at birth. Sorry for being so technical, but as a retired cop, I would love the chance to investigate this one. Fact is…somebody is lying. The question is …why? For what purpose would someone go through all the clues on record albums, and drag it out for all these years?What are they trying to gain, or accomplish? It’s possible that this is just one big publicity stunt, after all Lennon was a genius. The thing that disturbs me about Highway 61 Entertainment is that if you’re going to put something like this out, do your friggin homework . If we all make enough noise about this, maybe someone will hear us and put an end to it once and for all. Boy , I wish I could do the investigation. I would leave no stone unturned.

  43. Kevin says:

    I saw this movie on Netflix and was intrigued. I thought the film was very interesting, but it included some mistakes – many of which were posted in the comments section here. Apart from the mistakes, I saw this as fiction and a fantastical account of what occurred. I thought the ending seemed to fall off rather quickly – after all, “George Harrison” sent two microcassettes to the production company, so why couldn’t they make the film a little bit longer. Why breeze through the 80s or 90s? Why completely ignore Ringo?

    I give this mockumentary a C+.

  44. Frankie Dee says:

    Check this site out. Google the following…James Paul McCartney,a tribute to the greatest genius of 20th century music.

  45. Frankie Dee says:

    I think tat this would make a good episode on Myth Busters, after all, they put aside any doubt that we actually did land Neil Armstrong on the moon. Please put this s**t to rest once and for all!

  46. MichelleMyBelle says:

    Glad I ran across this review. I was interested in seeing this film before. Now, not so much. I am a huge Beatles fan with a natural curiosity about this “conspiracy.” I would love to see a legitimate doc made on the “Paul Is Dead” phenomenon. But I would want the doc to be produced by people who had a bit more credibility.

    Also, I don’t think McCartney would sue because a) the film is a joke and suing would give it more attention than it deserves and b) he did help start the rumor so he can’t complain when people take it seriously and make a film about it.

  47. Phil Hall says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind doing a ride along with Frankie Dee…this could be a fun investigation! 🙂

  48. Maxwell says:

    I just watched this on netflix. I heard the story of the clues & everything when I was a teenager. I never believed it, but it’s a fun story. Of course it’s horse s**t. You people who buy into this being a documentary are f*****g crazy. But, then again, who am I to judge, I’m not a retired police officer. Anyhow, it’s a fun story.

  49. Frankie Dee says:

    You people should do a little research before you give your ” expert” opinions. Sure , I think that this DVD may well be crap, but as a retired cop, I have seen facial comparisons of Paul pre 1966 , and from after 1966,and I can see drastic differences between the two. I’m not saying Paul is dead or what ever, but I see enough evidence to raise an eyebrow. When I first heard Hey Jude, and Get Back,I thought to myself, boy Paul sure sounds different. I believe that studio 61 faked Harrison’s voice, and that a lot of what they say is Bull, especially by trying to claim That John wrote yYesterday for Paul…Pleeeeease!!!!But I think that something is going on here. I am going to do more research on Paul’s facial comparisons, and I will give you my opinion.How does that old saying go, Something’s rotten in Denmark! Look, bottom line is either the rumors are true, or maybe someone just want’s you to think they are. I’ll give you my opinion as a cop. There are too many people I would love to interview, starting with Joel Gilbert, or whatever his name is, Ringo, Heather Mills, Georges wife…why hasn’t anyone spoken with George’s wife. She holds the smokinf gun to all of this bullshit!

  50. deezie says:

    I find it quite entertaining that there was so much creative theory put into this film. I found myself going “omg” (with accompanying eye roll) more than once at the comparison’s between album covers, songs, and the story. Here are my questionable thoughts:
    1) If there were so many songs already penned by Lennon/McCartney to carry them through Let It Be, how is it there are so many lyrics allegedly pointing toward Paul’s demise? Did he write about those before he was killed?
    2) The Rubber Soul conspiracy is total crap as has been said before, it was released in December 1965, nearly a year before Paul’s alleged demise.
    3) The whole “left hand/right hand” conspiracy is crap as we all know how a mirrored image can be made quite easily.
    4) John was a genius who liked to mess with people. If the rumors Paul is Dead were about, then John was just the type of person to want to instigate something using album covers, etc for the gossip fodder.
    5) Records played backwards give messages. LOL…words sung backwards can pretty much sound like anything you want them to, if you’re hell bent on trying to prove your point.
    6) I’m highly disappointed they didn’t talk about Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. Tut.

    Final thought: applause for the extended efforts they went through to back up their story. Paul is my least favorite Beatle and I can’t stand how he capitalizes on the Beatles as he has done for years. Whether it’s really him or not? I could care less. In my opinion, the real talent died with John & George. R.I.P. to them both.

  51. MR says:

    There’s really not enough proof on either end to assume one conclusion or another. I’m with the guy above who said we all have to use common sense- as is the case with any documentary, because most of them are biased to one point or another.

    I do find it very entertaining that all of this generates so much discussion, and ultimately confusion. Either way, with so many discussions of technology then and now, noone has mentioned the fact that in a digital era, anything can be created and manipulated from an audio/video standpoint. So much so that even in court you have to refer to a witness under oath that a recording of a 911 call is accurate. So George Harrison appearing to say ‘Faul’, could very well be saying Paul with a slight digital manipulation.

    This movie could truly be 100% fabricated hoax, or a recollection of true bits and points that attempts to prove otherwise. Bottom line, someone could come out tomorrow and release a documentary, prove the exact opposite conclusion and win you all over.

    Believe what you want to believe- but I find myself concluding that this documentary does not in any way, shape, or form prove that Paul is dead. Maybe he is, but this documentary alone doesn’t convince me.

    In the hopes of finding a reputable source, I’m now off to wikipedia. LOL seriously jhanman, just because there isn’t a wikipedia page it isn’t true? And I hope you’re not holding your breath waiting for MI5 to chime in on this blog. Get real man.

  52. Timi Underwood says:

    i watched the documentary and as a huge Beatles fan, it had too many unanswered questions. I want more scientific data regarding the voice prints, finger prints on the recorder and tapes, and conclusive evidence on the forensic voice analyzing. Also, if Paul did have a baby prior to 1966, why didn’t the DNA match from the baby, who was supposed to be a dead ringer for Paul? Because it was too late and didn’t come from the real Paul McCartney. And if none of this was true, what was all their obsessions with death all of the sudden, with all the references in the album covers, song lyrics and the backwards playing of the backwards playing of the records. I don’t know what to belie, but with all this info coming out it does raise a lot of questions, I think enough time has passed that I would like to hear from Ringo and Paul (or Faul) and see what they have to say on the subject and John Lennon’s death.

  53. amber says:

    This film is a hoax for heavens sake.. I suppose you all thought the Blair Witch Project was real too right?

  54. All my life of 53 years, I lived through the rumers listening to albums backwords. Hearing the controversys on radio & television. I personally believe that this Paul is not the real Paul Mccartney that played w/the Beatles in Hard Days night in 1964. I do believe that Paul is dead & died in a car accident. In November 1966 I was only 8 year’s old. But I myself had a crush on Paul (like so many other girls) Funny how the Beatles dropped out of dight for awhile at the top of their career? When I saw Paul in Life magazine in 69? He looked way too different to me & not that cute guy I remembered. Even today I see the difference. When I watched Paul is Dead it all made sence to me. So many is in denial & can’t accept that it is true. But I do. John gets killed & George gets attacked in his home. Too many years but it will all come out after the last Beatle dies. They did promise “There will be an answer” Just wait & see!

  55. kerry smith says:

    OK, so it’s a hoax, guys, but so hugely offending? This hoax was clear after the narrator spoke 2 lines. Nobody who had been stabbed through the lungs the night before, probably on hefty meds and scared too, could be speaking with such fine breath control. No ums nor ahs: such a well-thought-out speech. And such reporter-ish pauses, inflections and pacing. Inconsistent usage of Cockney accent. George’s voice? He channelled John’s voice quite a bit, too. I propose that the film-makers get a kick out of reading these posts. I practically wallpapered with Beatles’ pictures, and I more nearly off-ed myself when they broke up. What I loved about this film (still can’t get enough of the Beatles) is the throroughness of the clues. I’d heard about clues but either couldn’t remember what to look for (purple haze) or else didn’t understand (Walrus?!) I could never finger-rewind an LP on a turntable with perfect and unwavering speed. How much fun to get to see the clues compiled, rather than over time as albums came out, & depending on some friend’s discovery. That era was pre-Google, so compiled information was rare to find. The real hoax was Beatles’on us…the fans who might faint over a glimpse of them, then burn their records when John made the sad observation he later recanted and regretted. He never said “greater,” just “more popular”. No wonder the boys then sought peace in Eastern religion, and turned the tide of a generation towards those philosophies. They really were that popular.

  56. mmeador says:

    Seriously – my eyes hurt from rolling. I got about 30 minutes in and couldn’t stand it anymore. The narrator is SOOOOOOOOO RIDICULOUS!!!!
    Jesus, even the guy who did George’s voice in Yellow Submarine was better than THIS guy! And IMDB doesn’t list anyone as a narrator… WHO ARE THEY KIDDING???
    As for the few of you who believe it might be true? It’s called logic and reasoning. Try it. This “film” might as well be asking us to believe that 2 + 2 = 5! The right and left handed idea – my mom is left handed but does a ton of stuff with her right hand as well. That is not conclusive to anything at all. As for Bettina Heuber – she doesn’t possess a SINGLE facial feature of Paul’s. Not one. Go look at a picture of her! Eyes, eyebrows, cheekbones, lips, chin – nothing similar. I look more like Paul than she does!
    And the plastic surgery – sure in 1966 they could create a PERFECT reproduction of Paul’s face but in 2011 they still can’t get Hollywood’s millionaire aging starlets to look normal let alone younger? Right. Sure. There are so many pictures of Paul before and after 1966, even without the bangs to “cover the scars” how can anyone even entertain the idea???
    What I want to know is who the hell put up the money to MAKE this?
    It’s so fantastically STUPID… I’m at a loss for words.

  57. Michelle says:

    The entire time I spent reading all other comments up until the last one, I was thinking; no one could possibly believe that anyone would spend the ridiculous amount of time and money producing what seems to be an blatant mockery of all the conspiracy theorist. Oh, and to the guy wanting to see a Wkipedia reference debunking this idiotic theory; I’ll be sure to write up a page as soon as I’m done posting here. Afterall, if Wikipedia says it’s true, it must be right? Btw, The REAL Paul is secretly living safe and secure on the same island along with Hitler, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Jim Morrison. I’m sure all other intelligent people out there reading my post can add other famous people to this list of Celebrities/Personalities that star-crazed lunatics believe are still amongst the living because their pathetic lives need these conspiracies to be true in order to give their life meaning. Perhaps the biggest reference/mockery I found most amusing in this Mock-umentary was the justification why The Beatles MUST go on. The millions of girls who would have killed themselves might have actually provided society with greater intelligence without them contributing to a truly idiotic gene-pool created by such morons. To the rest of you still believing in this stupid sh*t, please do the rest of a favor and eliminate yourself….as you were intended to had Paul’s death NOT been covered up.

  58. William Campbell says:

    I have finally been forced out into the open and I am to apologize to the masses. I quite enjoyed being Rufus T. Malcott (Paul McCartney’s REALLY real name). Had I not, the remaining Beatles would’ve wound up on Hollywood Squares, performing in Branson, MO and working in hat shops and…..NAHHHH JUST KIDDING!!!

    Unfortunately, the above paragraph was far more entertaining for me to write than the film was to watch.

    My opinions are basically the same as everyone else here, but has anyone thought that maybe this was a MOCK-umentary? My buddy that turned me on to the film responded to my review on FB, “It was meant as comic relief!!”

    Was he right?

    I was done with taking it seriously after hearing the first few sentences of “George’s” voice. I find it hard to believe that a director/produce would sink money into a project like this without proper due-diligence. How do you miss that your leading info is off by almost a year and say that Let It Be was recorded after Abbey Road? (Although I thought the Heather Mills thing was kinda funny.)

    It would’ve been a decent film if he had just said, “ok, here’s what happened back then” and left it at that. A documentary about the hoax with some interviews of people from Apple, EMI, celeb friends, etc.

    Just a thought.

    -KC Taylor
    (NOT really William Campbell, although I might just slip him a credit on my new album…lol)

    btw: did anyone notice that the word “Testament” is misspelled on the micro-cassette tapes?

  59. Cougar Bartzak says:

    This film was so deeply disturbing. But even if it’s not Harrison’s voice, it doesn’t mean the story isn’ t true. One piece of evidence not included in the film: When the Fab Four played Hamburg, Paul impregnated a 19-year old girl, Erika Hueber, who gave birth to a daughter she named Bettina (now Bettina Hueber Krischbin). The real Paul agreed to pay Erika a monthly amount of money. When Bettina grew up, Erika told her who her real father was. No big surprise, Bettina was a dead ringer for Paul. Bettina got a court order for a blood test and, guess what, no match. Also, the forms were signed by someone who was right handed. The real Paul was left handed.
    Also, reconstructive facial surgery is an ancient art practiced 800 years B.C. It picked up steam in Europe after WWI for soldiers who suffered severe facial injuries in the war. It certainly was available in England in 1966.

  60. ryboy4179 says:

    @jhanman I agree with the darque one because if their was the slightlest threat of paul really being dead his family would have a quick dna test and there you go you know its the real paul. Obviously paul is not dead because no one can even try to fake being a beatle thei amazing and in 1993 paul made a new albulm cover literally mocking the old one and its ridicoulous accusations trying to pull the whole faul thing off. Also how “george” said on the tape about fp”faul” not even being upset by johns death is a load of crap because his kids and wife said that paul watched the news that entire horrible night and cried for almost two days after his death he probably just didn’t want to be a wreck around a camera like any other normal human. And I feel the same way about not being able to disprove this movie I guess it comes down to common sense and just knowing its ridiculous to think paul is dead.

  61. Wes says:

    I enjoyed watching the movie because I didn’t know of the rumor until just last year, but in my opinion it’s complete crap as far as a true documentary goes.

    Highway 61 entertainment or wherever the hell they are called, is definitely behind this entire documentary. If George Harrison had decided to send his last will and testament to someone, he would have made sure it ended up in the hands of an actual news media outlet, and not some hole in the wall film studio in Hollywood.

    I also honestly think that Paul and Ringo would have a right to be incensed at this garbage I don’t believe they would waste their time to stop the production and release of a clearly obvious hoax. I’m sure they have more urgent matters then suing some crappy hollywood studio for making a documentary of a 40 year old rumor.

  62. TheDarqueOne says:


    The reason there is no comments by people like Mi5 or the British Government is because it is not worthy of such attention. This whole thing was cleared up years ago. The number of errors and easily checked falsehoods is rather staggering.

    If you go and look out on the Web you can find one bit of proof that should clear it up for you. Supposedly they could not prove if the voice on the tape was Harrisons or not correct?

    Well what they have done is test Paul. Voice prints from before his ‘accident’ and those after match perfectly. That cannot be altered via surgery.

    This movie is a way to make money off old news. It is sad and pathetic. Even worse it is so illogical I cannot believe anybody ever thought it could be even slightly true.

  63. Phil Hall says:

    I appreciate all of the feedback here, though I am very surprised that THIS movie (of all things) is generating so much talk.

  64. Giacomo Warren says:

    this movie disturbed the hell out of me. hoax or not, it literally made me sick watching it, and only sheer curiosity got me through it. i do not know the history of the Beatles enough to have caught all of the flaws. and intuitively i believe it must be a hoax, but it still doesn’t answer the gazillion why’s ……………….why was Paul always pointed out to be the outsider of the band? and why the continuous alluding to funerals and death. ok, entertainment you might say, but that just doesn’t seem to satisfy……………….i mean they went into elaborate detail with these “clues” to make people think Paul was dead – do/did the Beatles really think that was a cute little joke?

    final note – this movie is total crap……………the Beatles changed my life (for the better) and inspired me in numerous realms of life. something is grotesquely off about this movie.

  65. Brian says:

    Why aren’t the makers of this film being sued? DNA tests could put this controversy to rest. Why did Paul McCartney get knighted but none of the other Beatles? Rita’s entire life history was altered by MI5 when she became H. Mills so she could have any birthdate they chose.

  66. Nick says:

    This must be a hoax because plastic surgery was’nt that advanced back then even if they claimed to have expert surgeons

  67. jhanman says:

    ok i’m starting to get a little pissed off. not about this movie or the comments made about it. but it seems i can’t find any info as to disprove this movie. i hear random opinion by people who saw this documentary. yet have not read any comments made by British government, MI5, United states government or anything. There’s not even a Wikipedia page about this. Is this a fabrication or not? i don’t want peoples opinions and i don’t want to hear from people who “think they know the truth” i want to hear statements from investigators and audio lab technicians that reviewed this recording. It’s very strange how this thing was released yet not even the so called “impostor McCartney” has responded to it or sued the company for the allegations. Right now i don’t see any evidence that disproves it. And until i do i’m going under the assumption this is the truth. and that’s my decision. i can decide whatever i want for those of you rolling your eyes or thinking about responding with some moronic reason as to why i’m “dumb” or just randomly insulting me. so yeah i will go ahead and assume it’s real for now.

  68. My friend insisted that I watch this movie with him because he knew I was a big Beatle fan. After he gave me a quick run-down on what the movie was about, I thought to myself, this is a hoax and I’m not wasting my time watching it. Well my friend would not let up on it and insisted that I come over and watch it with him. It’s the most ridiculous garbage I have ever watched in my whole entire life. The history behind Paul being “The Walrus”and then the sheer mention of Heather Mills name being included in any topic relating to the Beatles, was repulsive. Even though they don’t need the money or unwanted publicity, I think Paul and Ringo should sue the idiots who made this movie. Don’t waste your precious time watching this trash; unless you want to laugh your a*s off while getting “trashed”.

  69. Dan Miller says:

    Heather Mills was born in 1968. Am I to believe that Paul McCartney picked up a girl in his car in 1966 2 years before that person was born?

    It’s hard to believe that George Harrison would not find it odd that his friend was giving a ride to an egg cell and sperm cell that were someone how able to converse with Paul and make him crash his car. George was smarter than that. I’m certain he knows the difference between someone who did not exist yet and an adult human being.

    Also, why was “George’s” voice in hi-fi stereo when the original recording was done on microcassette? I suppose the microcassette and recorder were brought to him in a UFO by aliens who can squeeze $100k worth of recording gear into a portable device that defies analog physics or something. It’s also remarkable that “George” can recall 90 minutes worth of 40 year old details, more-or-less in sequential order, withotu a single stammer, utterance, sneeze, cough, or hint of emotion.

    There are a billion other anachronisms in this “film.” So much to the point hat you’d have to be horrendously uninformed or flat-out stupid to give it one shred of credibility.

    The guy who made that film should have put a disclaimer at the end…stating that his film was a work of fantasy. Taken as fantasy entertainment, it is worth a watch. Taken as documented history, this film is a crime. By not putting up a disclaimer, the filmmaker GREATLY dishonors the lives and deaths of John Lennon and George Harrison, and is doing a great disservice to Sir Paul McCartney. The filmmaker is obviously a lying, Beatle-hating, money-grubbing, worthless bastard. He is unworthy of speaking any of the Beatles’ names, let alone making a film about them.

  70. Tim says:

    Simply put, that is quite possibly the worst George Harrison impersonation I have ever heard. Period.

  71. Rand says:

    I saw this film last night on NetFlix. We watched it because I had learned a few days ago That my wife had never known of the rumor that Paul is dead, even though we both graduated from high school in 1970.

    We watched it skeptically and did enjoy the old footage. But I have to agree with a lot of the other people here that there are several major flaws in this film. The first question I had when watching this was if this was really George’s mini recorder, why wasn’t it fingerprinted?

    However, they did leave out one major clue. If you play “A Day In the Life” backwards, you can hear very plainly Paul saying:

    “Okay, so I was in this car and I hit this bloody pole and the car, a very cool Austin Healey, by the way, flipped over and blew up and I lost my head and now everything is dark and dreary, but I can still put stuff backwards on songs. No wait, I can’t do that, I’m dead! Sorry, never mind, forget all this. Anyone want to get some lunch?”

  72. Teri says:

    Oh and if I may I’m glad I have netflix!!!! But the whole Heather Mills bit, I mean come on, she is Rita after an attemped hit? Reality people come on! Please leave The Beatles alone, and respect what they brought to the music insdustry, they are to this day still the #1 band ever. 99% of music artist say The Beatles inspired them to sing or write.

  73. Teri says:

    If I may.. I did watch this flim, I am a huge fan of The Beatles, so much so my kids are growing up and know alot of the songs by heart. But here is my point, if these were truely the “Last TESTAMENT OF GEORGE HARRISON”, why is it that Interstate 61 did not receive these tapes till 2005, when Harrison dies 4 years earlier? Also if “the fake McCartney” is being exposed do you not think that his lawyers would be on top of stopping this movie? I enjoy movies like this though because it does cause one to think a lot. It makes you wonder and enjoy digging up past documents. But to be HONEST this is quiet a crazy and far fetched idea, ( that Harrison truely made these tapes ), and now we have amovie. I mean hello this theory happened what 40 yrs ago, and we are trying to bring it back for what? A few industry dollars? Please let The Beatles live is peace and respect.

  74. Johnboy says:

    Born in the late 70’s, I was not around when this conspiracy theory first made the media rounds. I was first a little freaked out about the possibility that this was true. I’ve done some research on my own and read others reviews and have come to the conclusion that it is a hoax. At least this movie is. Perhaps
    PM really is Faul. But the voice in this movie sounded like an actor and much too staged to be real. And with modern technology as great as it is, I don’t understand how taking the tapes to three different forensic labs could prove inconclusive. After all, there must be many hours of old t.v. appearances, interviews and such to compare it to. But I thought it was mildly entertaining. Although I’m not sure I would pay anything from a movie rental to watch it. And I certainly would not buy it. Good thing I have Netflix.

  75. Bacon says:

    why would he go from a lefty to a righty then? u dont just change that.

  76. Scott Kubala says:

    I was fortunate enough to watch this little gem (note my sarcasm) on Netflix, so I apparently was smart enough not to actually have to fork of six dollars for this mess. This wasn’t even well done enough for an average Beatle fan to suspend disbelief and play along. “Harrison’s narrative” sounds completed contrived as do the so-called “facts” included in this mess of a story. This fails to succeed in following in the footsteps of other attempts for professional Beatle fans to paint themselves into the Fab Four pictures. Back in the ’70’s, similar books were written, speculating what it would be like if the Beatles had stayed together to record and tour, and let’s not forget the hoopla surrounding the group of Canadian studio musicians Klaatu, said to actually be the Fab Four recording under an alternate identity. I didn’t expect to actually walk away believing in some sort of “Paul is Dead” conspiracy theory, but this movie jumped the shark way too early to even be fun.

  77. Don R. Lewis says:

    Annnnnd….you helped them by paying $5.99. A lose-lose if ever there was one!

  78. Macca Starr says:

    I just watched this stupid movie.. And I regret spending 5.99$ for the rental on pay per view TV. I coudn’t even watch it to the end..

    I only have one thing to say. Will those freaks ever leave Paul alone…? He doesn’t deserve such thing as people STILL believing this hoax and STILL searching for clues.. That’s the only thing that makes me cry. Let the man be, for f***’s sake..! *Hugs Paul*

  79. Robertootreber says:

    I watched the movie. Now, i understand there is a few holes in this story, but i do also believe that this could happen.. Many girls commited suiside after hearing paul got married, could you imagine what whould have happened if his death was made public in 1966. I understand the rubber soul album, yeah they f****d that up… But alot of the stuff is there as they point it out.. But its oppion, if you got 95 min, i would say ckeck it out, beatles fan or not

  80. Michelle says:

    Well I am a huge Beatles fan and sadly yes I watched the dvd. But it was of course proven false within the first 15 min. Apparantly on the night (morning) of November 9, 1966 Paul and John got into a scuffle over the chorus for the song “Girl” which is on the Rubber Soul album. Which led to Paul storming out of studio and picking up “Rita” and running into a light post which caused his “demise”. Well for all us maniacs, we know that Rubber Soul was released on Dec. 3, 1965; almost a full year before the “tragic accident”. I personally think that Highway 61 Entertainment should have spent a little more time on research before slandering on of America’s Rock and Roll icons!


  81. Mike says:

    Though I haven’t seen this dvd (and don’t plan to anyway), having seen the same producer’s previous dvd about Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Review tour I think I can imagine what this one is like.

    But at least the aforementioned low budget Bobby D. doc had two very informative interviews, with David Mansfield and Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, while the rest was dull as the dishwater that was obviously used to clean the camera lens.

    This faux documentary (to put it kindly) sounds like nothing more than tawdry exploitation, and why anyone would think it’s a good thing to exploit the memory of one of the greatest and most likeable rock ‘n rollers for nothing but the sake of garnering a few bucks is beyond me.

  82. Dino says:

    of course he’s not dead, he just looks like its not far away…,.

  83. Oxnardi says:

    Good review. As a Beatles fan I was offended by this mess of a film. I warn ppl not to waste their money on this ridiculous and offensive DVD. The ‘old’ clues are available elsewhere, and the new clues are insane. The history of the Beatles seems aloof to this narrator as he credits his own (Harrison’s) tune “Only A Northern Song” to Lennon/McCartney and insists Let It Be was their last LP, not Abbey Rd.

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