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By Doug Brunell | November 8, 2009

Originally released in 1984, with its first DVD release in November 2008 (in a special edition, no less), this film looks of its time, and that’s not a good thing. In fact, it’s almost comical, and that’s not quite what this romantic comedy was shooting for. Some films hold up; others, such as “Paroles et Musique” (“Love Songs”), do not.

Catherine Deneuve plays Margaux, a thoroughly cardboard music producer whose husband leaves her. That’s when she meets Jeremy (Christopher Lambert) and embarks upon a sexual relationship with him. There are some complications, however, and some very realistically handled issues, but there’s little in the way of comedy or even emotion. It makes one wonder why a “Special Edition” (this one complete with the trailer, photo gallery and slide show) was ever done in the first place. Did anyone really miss this movie? Is it considered a cinematic classic? Doubtful at best.

Fans of Lambert and his role of Highlander are going to be a bit surprised by this film. Fans of Deneuve, who always seemed a bit overrated, will not be. The vast majority of audiences out there, however, will be wise in keeping this off the Netflix queue or left on the rental shelf. It comes nowhere near close to delivering a satisfying viewing experience.

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