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By Mark Bell | January 18, 2012

It’s mid-January, so it must be time to dig the warm clothes out of the closet and make that mad dash back to Park City, UT for the Sundance and Slamdance Film Festivals. We’re prepped and ready to go, so here’s the roster for Team Film Threat (if anyone else says they’re with us, send ’em to me):

  • Mark Bell – A decade of traveling to Park City? Yup, this is my personal 10-year anniversary. I started my Park City experience with the Slamdance Film Festival, and I’m celebrating this milestone with them as a Documentary Features Competition Juror. I’ll also be all over Sundance, as expected, but I’m carrying a little extra responsibility this year, s’all.
  • Don Lewis – Contributing editor and my podcast co-host, Don has also logged a number of years in Park City and he just keeps coming back, despite a decreasing tolerance for cold. If you see him, give him a warm hug.
  • Whitney Borup and Scott Knopf – Whitney and Scott are not just the local Utah voice of Film Threat, they also love watching movies (and writing about them). Long after us interlopers have left town, Whitney and Scott will still be enjoying the festivals. I envy them… until it snows.
  • Michael Nordine – The first of two rookies making the trek. Mike has covered fests for us in the past, but this is his first time wandering into the snowy mountains to watch films. Buy him a drink; we were all rookies once.
  • Nic Baisley – Rookie Number Two is Nic Baisley from, who will be joining Team Film Threat as the video and interview producer. Nic’s schedule is insane, and I intend to make it that much more complicated by joining him daily for a live online festival report.
  • John Wildman – Wildman is going to be giving us his special brand of blog love for another year, resurrecting the sometimes dormant Films Gone Wild column as he sees flicks during the fests.
  • Now that you know the team, what can you expect from us? Quite a bit, actually…

    • Reviews, Reviews Reviews
      If we’re not in screenings watching movies, we’re usually writing about them. Every year we review a massive amount, and this year is no different.
    • Daily Blogs and Pics
      I try to keep a daily blog going of all the insanity, and I’m hoping to take way more pics this year.
    • Video Interviews and Live Daily Reports
      As mentioned above, Nic Baisley is bringing his talents to the mountains, and he’s going to be conducting a ridiculous amount of interviews with filmmakers from both fests. Additionally, he and I will do daily video reports. All video content will be available here at and at, so check back often.
    • Tweet, Tweet You Twitter-Loving Bastards
      Twitter updates from the fests will always be available via the widget on the top right side of the website, but if you want to save yourself the whole “loading the website” thing, just follow @FilmThreat and get all the updates as they happen.

    Enjoy the coverage as the festivals go on, and if you’re in Park City too, say “hello.” We’re generally very friendly, especially if you catch us at a party!

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  1. Noah Lee says:

    Don’t talk like that Mark, it’s not funny! I’m hoping it gets programmed at SXSW but usually they try and avoid a lot of the Sundance films so we’ll see.

  2. Mark Bell says:

    It’s on the list of films assigned for review, but now that you’ve said something it’s possible the whole thing is cursed. Now it’s going to wind up being that one film none of us sees for, like, four festivals 😉

  3. Noah Lee says:

    Have a good time everyone! Looking forward to following the coverage.

    And for the love of all that is holy and unholy someone please cover that Stacey Peralta documentary! I can’t wait to hear about it.

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