By Admin | December 1, 2010

Ryan LeMasters’ intense short “Our Vows” involves a drug-addicted couple on the fast track to rock bottom. He (David Bianchi) lost his job due to his addiction, and she (Isabella Cascarano) is forced to trade her expensive engagement ring to feed their respective habits.

Bianchi and Cascarano give startling performances as their bodies and souls quiver within the brutality of their addictions. LeMasters daringly keeps the camera in tight close-ups, capturing every drop of sweat that pours down the characters’ twitchy bodies and frantic fingers.

But as a short film, “Our Vows” begins and ends very abruptly.  The work is so sharp and jolting that the viewer is left hungry for much, much more. Hopefully, this short is being shopped around as a preview for the proverbial bigger and better – clearly, a great feature film is lurking in this mini-effort.

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