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By Eric Campos | November 29, 2005

In the tradition of the Dudley Moore movie “Crazy People,” a working professional decides to start using brutal honesty with his clients and he ends up with major results. One of those results is a very funny short film.

Kevin Pollak stars as Dr. Leonard Stern, a shrink who’s just content, as are most shrinks, to simply sit and nod at their patients as they prattle off all of their problems, really resolving nothing in their time shared. But when he discovers he’s terminally ill with six weeks to live, our calm, quiet Dr. Stern decides to talk back, letting his patients know what he really thinks about their “problems.” With his new honesty therapy he helps a guy get over his paralyzing fear of turtles, a woman overcome her clean freakiness and another guy discover that he’s gay.

It’s a blast watching this shrinker go off the deep end in this top-notch short. If there were more guys like Dr. Stern counseling people, perhaps we’d all be happier and play grab-a*s more often.

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