Other Cinema (992 Valencia” in San Francisco has announced their fall schedule of screenings they will hold every Saturday at 8:30pm.
Screenings include”
INVISIBLE OBJECTS + BOYCE + LEVEQUE ^ 9/27 ^ The second iteration of our exploratory audiovisual initiative aims to investigate the aesthetics of digital production and performance. Headlining are the exquisitely crafted image/sound amalgams of Invisible Objects: laptop, guitar, turntable-and puppets! -in live interaction with computer-graphic collages. Local hero Bryan Boyce debuts a new cut-up, NYC digital wizard Les LeVeque additionally delivers a new piece or two, and Oakland’s Nomi Talisman exhibits her ingenious approach to “digital cinema”-scanning multiple strips of 16mm celluloid to set up new montage relations across their surfaces. ALSO: Animal Charm, Davy Force, Katherin McGinnis, Kembrew McLeod, Ann Steuernagel, Natasha Spencer, and Eric Saks’ infamous viral animation.
JACK STEVENSON’S U.S. WAR PROPAGANDA REVIEW ^ 10/25 ^ A 16mm retrospective of American military propaganda in the post-WWII period, with renewed relevance in the current atmosphere! The two 15-minute films, Our Job in Germany (‘45) and Your Job in Japan (‘46), by the Frank Capra film unit, are aimed at American Occupation forces. Classic examples of ‘50s & ‘60s political paranoia, Survival Under Atomic Attack and the cult gem Red Nightmare, narrated by Jack Webb, are also annotated by the master raconteur. PLUS Japanese Relocation, Army Medicine in Vietnam, and, on video, a few examples of contemporary war-mongering.
JAMES HONG’S SPEAR OF DESTINY ^ 11/22 ^ Behold the Asian! Here’s James Hong, in the flesh, at this benefit sneak-preview of his much anticipated masterwork. In order to provide a platform befitting this extraordinary occasion, OC occupies the Little Roxie, down the street at 16th and Valencia. A 3-act metaphysical treatment of a millennial SF in the wake of the execrable dot-com explosion, a no-budget version of Wagner’s Ring after the death of God and the darkening of the world, an anti-hero as hero, an anti-narrative with a narrative, an insane after-school special for the incorrigible, The Spear of Destiny is a film for everyone and no one.
NEW EXPERIMENTAL WORKS ^ 12/20 ^ The season is consummated with our semi-annual N.E.W. night. On the leading edge of the film phalanx are Martha Colburn’s Secrets of Mexuality, David Duhig’s Rhythm Changes, Melinda Stone’s Olvidados, Iggy Scam’s Nostalgia, Roger Beebe’s Famous Irish Americans, Yin-Ju Chen’s The Heat, and Potter-Belmar Lab’s Two Boys Brawling. PLUS new pieces from: Animal Charm, Aaron Valdez, Angela Reginato, Sandra Gibson, Andrea Ferreyra, and Gabriel Acevedo. Doors open at 8 for the artists’ reception, with a special live-projection performance by Sue Costabile.
For the full schedule. visit the Other Cinema website.

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