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By Admin | December 2, 2007

From the been there/done that department comes Robert Stone’s documentary “Oswald’s Ghost,” which focuses on a certain presidential assassination, circa 1963.

Yeah, you know the drill: Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone? Was there a conspiracy – and if there as, how come that conspiracy has yet to be proven?

The film provides (for the umpteenth time) the Zapruder film, Walter Cronkite’s announcement of President Kennedy’s death, Jack Ruby’s abrupt entrance into American history, Jim Garrison’s nutty prosecutorial crusades, and the continuing American doubts about the lone assassin theory. Norman Mailer, Dan Rather, Gary Hart and Tom Hayden are among the famous people interviewed here (talk about an ego overload!).

The only obvious question that “Oswald’s Ghost” raises is: how come Mort Sahl wasn’t in the movie? (If you don’t get that joke, you need to brush up on your Kennedy conspiracy lessons.)

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